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VIDEO: A Mother Demands Changes To Mental Health System

Cindy Fisher holds a solidarity rally on the steps of the Clark County Courthouse on her sons birthday, February 28th, to demand changes to the current inadequate mental health system and gain support for the proper treatment of her son Siddharta.

Instead of celebrating with her son for his birthday, Cindy Fisher was found rallying in front of the Clark County Courthouse in Vancouver with dozens of supporters. She made a cry out for help after her son was recently taken into custody and faced charges for what boiled down to a coat he found that had been stolen. After returning the jacket, he was apprehended and blamed for the crime. Due to his history of mental health issues and the fact that he was on a high dosage of a drug he had been prescribed at the time, he acted in fear of the cops and was arrested.

Cindy gathered much support since her son was put in jail, and all her hard work has paid off. She broke the good news to all those in attedance that her son had contacted her early that morning to tell her that the charges had been dropped and now he is under care at a facility. The facility however is giving her son large doses of medication and this worries her because she knows the effects of these drugs and believes there should be a better treatment solution. She showed us how she prays in a meditative state for her sons healing every day.

We can only hope for a better future that will provide those with mental health issues more than just a suppressive drug. Cindy Fisher still needs over $5,000 to meet the $9,000 cost to put Siddharta in a new program which offers better treatment. If you would like to know more, contact Cindi below.


VIDEO: Happy Birthday Siddharta - Rally on Clark County Courthouse Steps - 2.28.12

Filmed & Reported by Mobile T & Joe Anybody

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Pictures from the birthday (protest) event outside the Clark County courthouse