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After a decade of work on New Civilization Network, I am de facto banned from all posts there.
For about ten (10) years I posted reports at New Civilization.Org Network (NCN). Today, I discover that without notice, without explanation, and without response to my inquiry, the owners of the network, NCN, (or fbi operatives)abruptly hide all of my posts at NCN. Here is the location, followed by the site where my material is de facto banned with the words "Reading Not available":

- linking the people who change the world -

Here is my former site:


"Geral W. Sosbee
Reading Not available"

I realize that the owner of NCN has the legal right to hide my material and to ban me; however, the name New Civilization Network pretends to link people who can through sharing ideas change the world for the better. I believe that the NCN at least has a moral duty to advise me as to why my material is removed, or to advise me face to face (so to speak) that I have been banned from NCN. Perhaps truth is not welcome at NCN. Thus, I am fortunate in a way to have no further ties to their closed minded, fairyland and dangerous community

My work always focuses on the methods and practices of fbi/cia torture, false imprisonment, forced suicide and murder globally; in support of my reports I document extreme criminal assaults on my person by the fbi/cia for over two decades. I document my reports carefully in order for the world to understand the specific types of covert carnage which intelligence services often perpetrate ; I believe that the people need to sense the evil and macabre mindset which characterize today's fbi/cia agents and operatives. Indeed, no doubt many fbi supporters are members of NCN and are eager to discredit my work in efforts to assist the assassins of the fbi and the cia in their global crime spree. I further think that reports such as mine are indispensable, for only through awareness can gross evil be stopped. Anyone who hides such documentations as mine, or who bans me from posting, or who hacks and deletes my reports does not want the world to know the truth.

I have worked very hard for the past decade to post my reports of ongoing torture and attempted murder of my person by the fbi/cia; as I have no computer of my own and I have had to use public libraries or commercial computer stations for all of my reports. Even as I document multiple crimes against me by the fbi many people ignore my reports, verbally attack me, or ban me from posting them. After careful thought, I believe that NCN and other groups who do not want my reports to be made public are indirectly responsible for the suffering and deaths (sometimes by forced suicide) of many Targets of covert intel operations around the world. I also feel that such groups as NCN are now seen in an historical perspective as facilitators of the very assassins and torturers whom I report are engaged in GOD awful atrocities globally. Thus, history now records the NCN as a fraud because openness and fair treatment is denied by NCN to that segment of the world community which is being targeted for elimination by the fbi/cia (et al) for exposing their secret murderous agendas.

homepage: homepage: http://www.sosbeevfbi.com
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