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Portland Police Officer Robert King, Public Information Officer

Officer Robert King is full of shit.
Portland Police Officer Robert King is currently the Public Information Officer for the Portland Police Bureau. His is the face on the television screen assuring the public that the police have acted with restraint and in accordance with police guidelines whenever an incident happens that involves the police hurting or killing someone. He delivers the talking points to the newspaper writers, explaining away any criticism of the police.

Officer King is well-versed in the art of spin and propaganda, having been the president of the Portland Police Association between 2000-2008. During that time, he defended the cops who shot and killed Kendra James and James Jahar Perez, and the cops who beat James Chasse Jr to death. Adding insult to injury, King awarded a $10 Starbucks gift certificate to officers listed in a Portland Tribune article as being the most frequent users of force.

King himself was once the subject of controversy. On December 15, 1991, Officer King pulled over a car with 3 young men in it. King was suspicious that the car may have been involved in the theft of some cases of beer from a 7-11 convenience store. For some reason, King tried to get Johnny George, an 18 year old Native American youth, out of the car. Allegedly, Johnny resisted, cutting Officer King on the arm. King responded by shooting Johnny George 6 times, killing him.

Officer King is also one of the officers who shot and killed a man during a stand off with SERT in September, 1997.

"Police Officer In Portland Kills Man After Traffic Stop"
The Seattle Times
December 16, 1991

"Union: May the force be with you"
Portland Tribune
November 7, 2006

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