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Do You Trust Your Health to OHSU?

Portland, OR, 2/27/2012 --- Watch what you say at OHSU or you might get punched. Or tased. Or choked. September 8, 2011, Monica Taylor was denied medical treatment, beaten, tased and arrested at OHSU. Ms. Taylor is currently preparing a lawsuit against OHSU.
On her doctor's referral, Monica Taylor went to OHSU to be seen by a neurologist for her rapidly declining mobility and health concerns. At the time, she was using a cane to walk. She was quickly dismissed by the OHSU neurologist and denied an MRI. Upset, scared and angry, Monica became increasingly agitated, yelled at personnel that she needed an MRI and eventually collapsed in the lobby in tears. OHSU staff asked her to leave the building. Outside the lobby door, she called her doctor to get a second referral. Next thing Ms. Taylor knows, a security guard is standing over her demanding she leaves. Ms. Taylor stated she would leave after her phone call to her doctor. Officer Townsend responded by grabbing her neck and slamming her face into the ground. Monica's cane was crushed under her body. As she has spastic throat muscles, her arm was the only thing keeping her airway open to breathe. Officer Townsend proceeded to tase Monica 8 times in the back, leaving permanent scars. The cops were called, and Monica was handcuffed, put in a wheelchair and taken to jail. Ms. Taylor was charged with trespassing, disorderly conduct, resisting arrest, attempted assault and assault of an officer.

In a two day criminal trial, the charges of resisting arrest and assaulting an officer were quickly acquitted in pretrial by the judge. The jury determined not guilty on the charges of disorderly conduct and attempted assault IV and guilty of trespassing. As Monica's lawyer compiled the pieces for her trial, suspicious incidents arose. The one OHSU employee who stepped in to help Monica, who told Officer Townsend he was being excessive and to "Back off her neck" was told to "Shut up and back off" by Officer Townsend and was promptly fired after the incident. Ms. Richards had been employed without incident for 12 years. "Shit got weird after that day and I was fired", Richards reported. OHSU employee John Binford who alleged that Monica kicked him and punched Officer Townsend, has since been promoted. Security cameras mysteriously went missing. Neurologists continue to deny Ms. Taylor treatment and she was advised to seek care elsewhere.

In the past two years OHSU Public Safety have grossly defied their mission statement to "promote a safe and secure environment to the OHSU community". September 2009, Anna Marie was thrown to the ground, handcuffed and repeatedly punched in the face by OHSU public safety. She is bipolar and had just been treated at OHSU. Two years later, September 2011, a twisted anniversary you might say,
Monica Taylor was assaulted by OHSU public safety. Both patients were at OHSU for treatment. "Dedicated to serve" is the OHSU public service motto. Who are you trying to protect and serve OHSU? In these cases, definitely not the ones in need.

The battle for her life continues, as she sends her MRIs to neurologists in cities outside of Oregon. The day she was assaulted Taylor was using a cane to walk. Since then, her health has deteriorated where she needs crutches or a wheelchair to get around. Though the battle for her life should be enough, Monica now seeks redress from OHSU. The trial has exposed an ugly underbelly that does not align with OHSU's mission to "improve the health and quality of life for all Oregonians". Why doesn't she go to OHSU the question continues to come up. Good question.

Monica Taylor is available for interviews. You can email her at  thegreattromboni@gmail.com

OHSU KILLS Primates and Tazers Patients 28.Feb.2012 13:33

concerned citizen

Our teaching institution has been taken over by the bio-weapon and disease profiting corporations.
This is not the first incident of OHSU security thugs beating and arresting people for simply asking questions about our tax dollars being wasted on white coat welfare or sick people asking for care. OHSU has been hijacked by corporatism that employs thugs to restrict our access to HEALTH FREEDOM in a PUBLIC institution.

sad 28.Feb.2012 16:06


I think it is sad that the person had a bad experience and was arrested and claims abuse.

That being said, this sounds a bit one-sided. One who goes to a hospital and is civil doesn't tend to be beaten up and arrested. I'm guessing the person was being quite uncooperative.

Still, nobody who requires a cane for mobility should ever need to be treated that roughly by a security person of any kind unless they are swinging it around and attacking people, which I am guessing didn't happen.

Would I trust my health to OHSU? yes, I would. But I don't usually start yelling and breaking down into tears in public when I don't get my way.

I'm also not a primate, so I guess OHSU wouldn't toss me in a cage either - so on that count I'm twice as lucky.

At her wits end? 28.Feb.2012 20:07

I know what it's like to be

I know what it's like to be at my wits end. (Or is it wit's end?) Whatever it is,there are people who have a lot of trouble controlling their emotions. I was like that before I started taking medication at age 54 for bipolar disorder. Now, I am a good little girl of 69, and am able to be cool, calm, and collected like a good Oregonian. I was raised in Texas, where emotions run hotter. Personally, I see nothing wrong with showing one's anger and tears in public, especially someone who feels powerless and ill. Is it really what we all want, that people with high emotions be drugged, or else somebody calls the police? Isn't this the scenario for more than one anti-utopian novel? The one I like is by Ira Levin (author or "Rosemary's Baby"). The title is "This Perfect Day." A great read. A gigantic computer controls everyone on earth, and monitors them, knowing where they are and what they are doing, making sure they stick their arms into medication producing intra-dermal injections to keep they unemotional. "Anger" is a dirty word, and everybody fucks indiscriminately. Sound familiar? It's even scarier than Orwell's "1984".

Generally, Medical Doctors Are The Police 05.Mar.2012 22:36


Their universities and hospitals do not exist to help you. The TV program "Bones" is Orwellian. They do not, at the higher levels, care about you. They are there to collect people's money. Education and medicine are there to take your money and then let you die.

They were never taught to be nice folks in school. The university taught them greed, and little else.

steering clear 06.Mar.2012 01:50


that is a university hospital which exists to do research and suck big grant money. YOU are the guinea pig. if they have no use for you, you cannot be "served". why do people think it's a good hospital? it's the worst. they have students who don't yet know how to do things, practicing for the first time, on you. i have had experience at both ohsu and doernbecker, and i have to say, they are a bunch of coldblooded nazis, imo. incredibly exploitative and cold blooded, even to babies and little kids. there may be a few exceptions among the faculty. but this incident does not surprise me. may she win and win big in her lawsuit against them. That girl must have had a bona fide neurological disorder, reacting accordingly, so there was no reason to treat her like a criminal. please, do not trust that hospital. they aren't necessarily the goodguys at all, maybe the opposite. this is my opinion after my own experiences and my children's.