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The Agent Provocateurs in Occupy's Midst

This is Part I of a two-part series on infiltration of Occupy and what the movement can do about limiting the damage of those who seek to destroy us from within. This first article describes public reports of infiltration as well as results of a survey and discussions with Occupiers about this important issue. The second article will examine the history of political infiltration and steps we can take to address it.
Article by By Kevin Zeese and Margaret Flowers, Truthdig

Margaret Flowers and Kevin Zeese were among the original organizers of Occupy Washington, DC, and are now helping with the National Occupation of Washington, DC.

In the first five months, the Occupy movement has had major victories and has altered the debate about the economy. People in the power structure and who hold different political views are pushing back with a traditional tool - infiltration. Across the country, Occupies are struggling with disruption and division, attacks on key people, escalation of tactics to include property damage and police conflict as well as misuse of websites and social media.

As Part II of this discussion will show, infiltration is the norm in political movements in the United States. Occupy has many opponents likely to infiltrate to divide and destroy it beyond the usual law enforcement apparatus. Other detractors include the corporations whose rule Occupy seeks to end; conservative right wing groups allied with corporate interests; and members of the power structure including nonprofit organizations linked with corporate-funded political parties, especially the Democratic Party, which would like Occupy to be its tea party rather than an independent movement critical of both parties.

Full Article: The Agent Provocateurs in Occupy's Midst

In Part II of this series, we will focus on the history of government infiltration and the destruction of political movements and political leaders. We will also examine steps that can be taken to minimize the damage from these tactics. One thing evident from the history: Infiltration has been common in political movements for centuries as have divisive methods, attacks on leaders, escalation of tactics, fights over money and misinformation disseminated to the public.

This piece is awful 27.Feb.2012 23:50


I think alot this article is pretty irresponsible as well as transparently biased. Although I think it is important to discuss and be aware of government infiltration in the movement, this article goes beyond that. The authors of this piece are attempting to lump those who favor more militant tactics (or those who favor at least keeping those tactics on the table), with government and right wing infiltrators. These debates about tactics and strategy are important, if not necessary, for any movement to remain healthy. But to make unsubstantiated allegations (or even allude) that proponents of militant tactics are government agents you are retarding any chance of solidarity, therefore holding any potential movement back.

video undercovers in Oakland 28.Feb.2012 01:17



oakland copwatch points out undercovers

Poverty is an act of violence! 28.Feb.2012 08:38

Lloyd Hart dadapop@dadapop.com

So traditional America labor militancy is unacceptable in any movement in which liberals take part as liberals are focused on getting elected and a protesting and militant working class is to be black listed. This is the evolved version of what liberals did to the 911 truthers, the peace activists that blocked traffic the first week of the war on Iraq in 2003 and what liberal have done to organized labor for the last six decades. People must simply decide what they are for, defending their children from poverty or letting liberals and conservatives steal the very food from their children's mouths and the roofs from over their heads?

Both parties are bankrupt of individuals who really care about working people and when working people are getting militant toward elected officials and the ruling class out comes the liberal operatives to divide and conquer the completely justified militancy. Poverty is an act of violence artificially and deliberately created by oligarchs for one purpose and one purpose only, to create fascist wealth and power. This act of violence must be met with an act of militancy to counter the fascism it represents.

At this point we on the working class side should start making a list of liberals and conservatives who are attempting to prevent a real working class revolt from coming to fruition.

Here, I'll start.

List of working class traitors:

Chris Hedges
Kevin Zeese
Margaret Flowers

I stopped participating in Occupy because of the liberal traitors 28.Feb.2012 10:29


I've seen so much pathetically irresponsible behavior by the liberal of the Occupy movement that I won't attend their events anymore. I've heard liberals declaring that they would turn militants over the the police, liberals denouncing angry chants as "violence", I've even been preached to about Jesus by them. Screw that. A peaceful revolution is not possible in the USA. The USA is more like Nazi Germany. It understands only force.

probably 28.Feb.2012 16:11


The sign-holders and circle-marchers ensured that Occupy didn't need to be infiltrated by agents - the liberals willingly and readily cooperated with the cops to turn over and basically set up anyone they even remotely suspected of doing something other than hold signs and march in circles.

Those people will never be part of any real radical movement. As soon as the shit hits the fan, they will scramble back to their 9-5 and leave any real activists to sit in jail

Solidarity my ass. Don't expect the "99%" to see things your way. I'm looking at you, anarachists. Unfortunately, you're on your own like usual.

looking in the wrong direction 29.Feb.2012 13:33


provocateurs don't act alone. they have a network. they can be passive lurkers at meetings to gather info on people or trying to stir shit up directly. but they always have a network supporting them and the best ones operate through front groups.

look back at wcw problems in 2006 russ hallberg played a part in  http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2006/10/347239.shtml

the casseia poster is trying to get people to tell her stuff about anarchists she writes:

"I went to the WCW "post-mortem" meeting this afternoon and I would like to re-issue my invitation to communicate with any of the "actionistas" who were there, as a sort-of representative of the "other end of the room" crowd. I think both groups could actually teach each other some important stuff."

what no one knew was "casseia" and hallberg were both members of the the portland truth alliance. here's him posting on one of their front group email lists  http://groups.yahoo.com/group/911truthportland/message/25

Tue May 1, 2007 2:39 am

"Russ Hallberg" <like7new@...>

"Could someone bring a digital camera or video phone to the meeting
Wednesday? I would like to show how 911 banners and stickers can be
placed on metal poles. Covering them with clear plastic tape makes a
waterproof seal. They will last for weeks this way.

I will arrive early and place some on poles near Laughing Horse.
There are a few already placed in downtown."

this email list was set up by casseia ("portland911truth" <casseia@...> ) her first publish post is oct 14  http://groups.yahoo.com/group/911truthportland/message/6

russ is posting long after it was known russ was a provocateur.

barbara ellis might be too
""They can rot in jail." --Russ Hallberg, speaking about demonstrators who were arrested on October 5th.

Barbara G Ellis expressed similar sentiments, during the post O5 attempt at reconciliation. "

barbara ellis is also a member of the so called portland truth alliance. bet money that any anarchist that emailed 'casseia' in good faith had their communication/email shared with this 911truthalliance group.

if russ is a police informer as many anarchists suspect, then the whole portland 911 truth alliance group is probably a network of informers mixed with people duped because they don't know the group/members history.

moral of the story? cops might be working through front groups pretending to be activists. identify problem GROUPS not just individuals . otherwise even if you kick the provocateur out, the front group will just send a new body to spy and stirup shit.

Beware of False Prophets 29.Feb.2012 17:28


Please be aware that just because someone is sent as a rep from a Church/Meeting/Synagogue/Mosque that boasts of being "liberal" and peace and social justice oriented that does not mean that that person is necessarily "legit" and an ally of Occupy.

Google who they are.... Don't just assume because "such-and-such Church/Meeting/Synagogue/Mosque sent them" that they must be aboveboard in their intentions.

There are many local Churches/Meetings/Synagogues/Temples who have taken a public stand in support of Occupy in their homilies/minutes/epistles because it seems to be the right thing to do and just saying, "Yes, many of the members of our Church/Meeting/Synagogue/Mosque identify with the 99 percent and we support our members," does not take much effort. They appoint reps/liaisons to represent them at Occupy meetings and reportback on their findings, but these reps/liaisons are not necessarily well-known to the congregation, they just raise their hand for the position and get nominated with a sigh of relief that someone finally stepped up.

Google who they are... Is their daily work "right livelihood" or are they earning money by pandering to the one percent? If their livelihood does not reflect the values of Occupy, how can you be sure that they are there to help and not spy for their employer or other agents of the one percent or worse?

Re:Beware 01.Mar.2012 21:33


"Google who they are... Is their daily work "right livelihood" or are they earning money by pandering to the one percent? If their livelihood does not reflect the values of Occupy, how can you be sure that they are there to help and not spy for their employer or other agents of the one percent or worse? "

And if they're in Google results, who are their friends and who are their enemies? Even bad publicity can be instructive. A sincere volunteer with no hidden agenda won't mind questions about contradictory information. But if you get vague excuses like "they were all haters" instead of clear information, be careful...they may be trying to hide something.