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Williams Clearcutting is in Full Swing

Small Town Endeavors to Protect its Future

The rural community of Williams in Southern Oregon is striving to prevent an imminent clear-cut on a privately owned 320 acres. This parcel is perched atop a prominent ridge in the Williams Creek watershed, located in the Applegate Valley, and serves as the headwaters for three major contributing streams. The community has united as the non-profit organization Williams Community Forest Project (WCFP) to purchase the land. The WCFP is fervently intensifying its fundraising and media campaign to procure the necessary funds and raise public awareness about the plight of our threatened woodlands. Thus far, the community has been pledged a substantial loan from a private group and raised $120,000 from grassroots fundraising.

Further information can be obtained at the WCFP website, www.williamscommunityforestproject.org, or through an inspiring ten-minute film posted at www.indiegogo.com/Wiliiams-Community-Forest-Project where direct, tax-deductible donations can be made. Donations may also be sent to WCFP, P.O. Box 36, Williams OR 97544.
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