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God Only Knows What Devils We Are: An Apologia for the Black Bloc

The past few months have seen a backlash led by professional journalists against diversity of tactics in the Occupy movement. Rebecca Solnit represented our Dear Occupiers pamphlet as "a screed in justification of violence" simply because it endorsed diversity of tactics. Chris Hedges followed up by calling "black bloc anarchists"—an invented category—"The Cancer in Occupy." Both allege that a violent fringe is undermining the movement and must be excluded from it.
What is taking place here is a kind of silencing. Defining people as "violent" is fundamentally a way to delegitimize them; Solnit and Hedges feel entitled to spread falsehoods about their political adversaries because their goal is to shut them out of the discussion entirely. That's why Hedges acknowledges he never spoke to anyone involved in a black bloc in the course of composing his diatribe. Perhaps we shouldn't expect better from journalists with their own wikipedia pages and glamor shots, who have much to lose should popular movements cease to be managed from the top down.

To counteract this silencing, we sought out our comrades from the heart of the black bloc and asked them to tell their side of the story: where they come from, why they participate, how they see the world. We do not accept the terms set by the mudslingers: our intent is not to compete for ideological legitimacy on a battlefield of abstractions, but to foster mutual understanding grounded in personal experience. As the expression goes, God only knows what devils we are: He can't know anything else.

A 'zine version is available as a pdf [  link to www.politicsisnotabanana.com ].

A web version may be read here:  http://www.crimethinc.com/blog/2012/02/20/black-bloc-confidential/

anok 23.Feb.2012 12:06


For the hundred millionth time, this all started with a black bloc demonstration in San Fransisco by the collective who made the original call to Occupy Zucatti. If you you like it, go back to sipping tea. Listening to lame ass white people doing lame ass white people things has never, NEVER changed a fucking thing. No solutions, just weak bourgois sentiments.

And one last thing, remember that word bourgois, remember it from when Anonymous hacked that security firm a few months ago. If you dont want us, too bad. You either stand in solidarity with us or fall with us while contributing to the movements decline by denigrating us. But then again, it's only YOUR ego that's on the line. It's not like you've ever sacrificed a thing.

You self important blowhard. Get a personality too. You're writing reads like old dusty copies of the Sunday Guardian from the 19th century. You wreak of lack of imagination, dryness and contempt for your fellow man. All for your ego though.

From the bottom of my heart though, and for the second time in the last century THIS Jewish American either directly being called or by having his family called a cancer...fuck you.

confused 24.Feb.2012 07:22

Billy D.

I think you meant that for the other guy bro. What if you trashed private property without wearing masks...would that be acceptable?

anon 24.Feb.2012 07:36


Just to be clear, I didn't write this. I'm only saying because this could be a direct quote of mine...I definitely didn't write this. Could this not happen again please. Seriously, I've left this alone, this has to stop.

I don't identify myself with the black bloc, even if I stand in solidarity with them always and have something resembling the same ideology. This wasn't funny six months ago it's not fuck funny now.

And I have no idea exactly who's doing this. Is this like some pissed off 9/11 truther or something...I'm sorry I called you crazy but YOU ARE!!!

I'm going to do myself a favor, I will never post anything on this web site so long as I live. You can all blow me. Also, can someone erase the above comment. I didn't write this. There's no way someone else is this close to me in rhetoric and on-line demeanor. It's impossible. If there are two me's in the world anywhere withing ear shot of one another a black hole will open up in space time. Please, I can absolutely not believe anywhere in my being that this was a genuine statement. Please erase the above comment. I am the only pissed off Jewish American trying to connect the group Anonymous with Anarchist principles, and I'm done. I don't care what you think. It's over. LEAVE ME BE!!!

Solidarity with the movement and with the black bloc. Please erase the above comments and if you hear something resembling this again...erase it again. This is over.

" leave it alone " 25.Feb.2012 10:38


hey "anok anon" (whatever the ***k you are),

this article is just more black bloc handwringing and contortionism over the bowling ball that's been rolled into their lane.

And if you buy into the "19 hijackers" etc. fairytale of what happened on September 11th 2001 you're a ******k idiot.

Ohh... IC 26.Feb.2012 01:45


"And if you buy into the "19 hijackers" etc. fairytale of what happened on September 11th 2001 you're a ******k idiot."

wwwooosshh... 9/11... nobody cares. But since you can't get enough of it...
You know the
You know the "OFFICIAL CONSPIRACY" is a lie because this is the truth!!!

Here's a question 26.Feb.2012 13:32

open mind

why is it that,

'true' Church-O-Anarchy™ anarchists / mom's-basement-'political'-theorists and black blocers, feel the need to strongly embrace the official story of what occurred on 11 September 2001 ?

bonus: do they have an explanation for the anthrax attacks a couple of weeks later (because the government doesn't) ?

( to the moron who posted the cartoon caricature above: that's some serious, despite your apparent attempt and utterly lame to be "funny" [??], It-Ain't-Just-A-River-In-Egypt there pal )

ohh... poor truther all alone 26.Feb.2012 16:10


Hey, I've met some of the anarchists that practice political theory in your mom's basement and they're fairly meticulous about the accuracy of it. So I don't know if this is a family issue for you or what, but just because your bunk theory got booted from your mom's basement doesn't seem like a good reason to come cry it out on indymedia.

" cry it out on indymedia " ?? 26.Feb.2012 16:47


wow dude, looks like the anarch-cultists were the ones "crying out" lately,

given the splenetic string of anti-Hedges / "response-to-Hedges" / "don't listen to Hedges" / 'black bloc forever' posts all over this newswire lately.

( I mean if anarchy / black bloc was **so damned obvious** and-or a 'no brainer', why then the need to contort yourselves? worried 'bout 'publicity' perhaps? .... naah, that'd be too generous for mom's-basement-bound-forever hypermasculine peabrained socially-incapable-of-function-or-contribution morons like you.... )

Go back to your mom's basement + stay there because you've evidently achieved *so-o-ooo* much...


Thanks for the offer, but 26.Feb.2012 17:41


acutually your mom's basement is still more comfortable because my mom never had a basement, thanks for inviting me to join you in the realm of fantasy though. However it looks like your going to have to try something better to get me out of your house. Sorry, I know that you think that your mom is playing favourites by giving me the whole basement and making you stay in the nursery but seriously I have a whole church of political theorists that come over and we have to make serious decisions like whether to let you attend or to boot you because of your fictional theories. Also you only have you because no one that has an inkling of reason believes your stories so we need the space more.

Just stop being so selfish and deal with this in a more productive manner. You can come talk to me, your don't have to post on indymedia about shit that I can just tell you to your face.

You're only embarrassing yourself here.

" whether to let you attend or to boot you " 26.Feb.2012 18:20


looks like it was the anarcho-cultists / black blocers who were pretty concerned (?? or, were they?) about such things, given all the handwringing and contortionism over the past few weeks in response to Chris Hedges. ("don't listen to him!! he's clueless-dumbass, doesn't even know what Anarchy™ is! besides, just one of us has achieved/contributed 10,000× what Chris Hedges could in 10,000,000 lifetimes!!" .... etc.)

personally I don't bother about whatever decisions that the likes of you might make. When the tracked armored vehicles of 20+ tons individual weight are deployed on Hawthorne (for example), you'll be the first to succumb.

Oh dear... 26.Feb.2012 20:12


"When the tracked armored vehicles of 20+ tons individual weight are deployed on Hawthorne (for example), you'll be the first to succumb."

Ok, so it was sad when you tried to whine about wanting to have your mom's basement back but your weird video-game delusion take-over-the-world fantasies are just beyond shame. When you say things like this people think, and rightfully so, that all you do is play video games and talk about deploying your fictional army. Look, fantasy is ok as long as you don't pretend that it's real.

Your making your mom very worried about you.