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VIDEO: Update On The Portland Papa Murphys Pizza Workers Protests

Former workers of the Papa Murphys Pizza franchises on NE Fremont street in Portland tell their story in a series of clips wound together from ten different actions spanning nearly three months.
A joeanybody.com DocuMini Film
A joeanybody.com DocuMini Film

Its been almost five months since the last picketing organized by former employees of the Papa Murphys franchises located between 15th and 71st & NE Fremont street in Portland. Two of the workers, twin sisters Cherise and Dennise Mofidi staged a picket against the management and owner of these stores in response to discriminatory and sexually harassing behaviour they experienced in the workplace.

In speaking with one of the twins involved recently, we were advised that Rawza Inc. (the franchise owner) has been in mediation with the Bureau Of Labor & Industries in coming to a resolution that ultimately required them to provide BOLI standards in-store training to their employees and send one manager per year to BOLI classes to refresh them on workplace code of conduct. An out-of-court settlement has now been paid and both twins have shared the monetary award. We are glad to see that solidarity and consistency brought justice to these youth and we wish them the best.

Here is the video link:

Papa Murphys Pizza Workers Protest - 10 Slices Of Solidarity

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