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At 6:00am this morning, the FBI waged a military-style raid on NE home on simple searh waarent. They destroyed and confiscated property. Seeking legal help!
At 6:00am this morning (12/20/2012) the FBI smashed their way into a home in NE Portland. They were executing a search warrant based on alleged internet threat that did not occur! There were dozens of armored fed. agents armed with both AR-15s and hand guns. They confiscated and destroyed property, as well as damaged parts of the house. They also used a flash or concussion grenade in a "shock and awe" tactic.

Everyone in the house was un-armed, peaceful, and had committed no crime/s! They took cells phones as well. There were no drugs nor illegal weapons in the house! All occupants were detained on sight but were eventually released. No harm came to pets, so far as i know.

Seeking any sort of legal direction. College student w/ little money, not sure where to start. What might be best course whenever FBI wages extremely heavy-handed military-style raid like this, simply to serve a SEARCH WARRANT? They claimed that the no. of people in house (8) justified such an extreme response! Again, no weapons, no drugs, noone had a warrant for arrest - there was never ANY danger to police!

Any info. on legal counsel would be greatly appreciated.

Could this have anything to do with the new terrorist task force? 20.Feb.2012 14:30

Curious George

What the fuck were they looking for? Were these eight individuals involved with Occupy Portland, animal rights - an environmental group or were they looking for a particular person? Why did the feds feel there was a threat or need to raid this house regardless to how many people were inside? Provide whatever information you can here on this site. Meanwhile call Stu Sugarman, even if he can't help himself, he can point you in the right direction. Good luck to these folks and I hope the FBI is held accountable for all damages and removed property.

some websites, phone numbers 20.Feb.2012 17:28


Portland Chapter of National Lawyers Guild
Ashlee Albies, Co-Chair  portlandchapter@nlg.org

Oregon ACLU
Submit a request for legal aid:  http://aclu-or.org/help

Sorry, couldn't find any phone numbers.

Police terror raid on NE home 20.Feb.2012 18:41


Noone who lives at the home is involved in any way with animal/earth liberation, or other major political action! The FBI raided the home based on an so-called threat against an AZ cop. However, no such threat had been made. What the FBI claims is not at all true! I don't know whether the JTTF is involved. They were looking for proof of a threat. They took computers and cell phones. They looked for, but found no weapons other than a LEGAL firearm. Their justification for the military-style raid was that there were 9 people in the house at the time - THIS ONLY was the specific reason they gave.

I will look into those websites, thanks.

computer crimes..... 20.Feb.2012 19:30



"computer crimes" most of the commenters on faux 12 question whether the fbi got the correct address

Police terrorism 21.Feb.2012 08:51


Well since the police and everyone else seems to be soo concerned over property damage, photos are being taken of all the damage the police caused during their "no-knock" raid. Also, a list of all property confiscated is being made. In addition to all computers and one cell phone, this is [so far as i know] what else was taken:

memory card from camera
Sony mp3 music player
one scrape book (?)
stack of burned music cds (Laibach)
one thumb drive

A photo will also be taken of the window that police threw a flash grenade through, as well as interior doors that were smashed, even though they were un-locked. They also placed trackers on everyone else's cell phones plus, the house itself is most-likely bugged. Gestapo-tactics against un-armed, harmless individuals whom committed NO crime! Basically, bullying poor people over so-called "thought-crimes".

The people targeted have been traumatized by this un-called-for police action. One person was injured when she was yanked out of bed and slammed on the floor. This is the current info. i have for now.

> 21.Feb.2012 10:07


Is mainstream media covering this?

More info 21.Feb.2012 18:01


Corporate media report:

 link to www.oregonlive.com

Real Threats 21.Feb.2012 18:29


Reports in corporate media are definitely bias, if not out-right lies. There were never any so-called threats of any sort to any police officers! There was never anything approaching "terrorism" involved, as Faux 12, OregonLies, or other corporate reports suggest. The search warrant was signed on Feb. 14th - at least a month after the so-called "threatening" blog was taken down!

The true threat here is that federal agents conducted a military raid on a house full of unarmed, innocent poor people based on a thought crime.

FBI Tactics 21.Feb.2012 20:23


Apparently, the victim(Clifton Brooks) had been convicted of making a bomb threat in the past so the FBI was being "careful".

Retaliation - NOT enforcement! 22.Feb.2012 10:13

been watching

In the following link, Sheriff Arpaio himself says that he's "glad someone supposedly threatened him" so that he can investigate this person. The article says little about actual "threats" but mentions how cops were OFFENDED. Clearly, this has nothing to do with honest law-enforcement or perceived danger, and EVERYTHING to do with personal retribution over what amounts to a mere thought crime.

 link to www.azcentral.com

Arpaio's office commits worst racial profiling, according to DOJ: