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Woman Beater@SE 72nd and Reedway

domestic violence account
A little after 4 p.m. today, I heard a woman scream out, as well as a baby. I stepped outside of my second floor apartment to see the woman and baby facing down on the pavement as a man yelled at the woman, while standing up. She then stood up to go across the street. The man was shorter than six feet tall, white, with dark hair that was balding. He was grimy looking and wearing mostly black. I watched as they went across the street and he continued to verbally harass and hit her while she held the child. I went into my apartment to get my stun gun and bear mace, and while I was doing that, my downstairs neighbor began chasing after the man, calling him a "pussy" (because a term for vagina is synonymous with cowardly in our society while "balls" is synonymous with courage) repeatedly, and asking the "pussy" why he was running away. The man ran away from my path of vision, while many of my neighbors came outside to stare and call the cops. The abused woman and her baby came to our apartment building to chill out during the good 20-30 minutes it took for the pigs to arrive, take a report from witnesses, and have an ambulance come to put the baby on a stretcher while the woman went along with the baby in the ambulance.