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Callout for an eLeCTRONIC BL(A)CK BLOC

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Calling out to anarchist & anti-authoritarian DJs/producers in the Pacific Northwest (US/Canada) ... !

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there's a group on soundcloud for anarchists & anti-authoritarians who make dope music - LINK ---->



We've got some crews up here in different cities - Let's collaborate and throw some bad ass parties for anarchist projects this summer.

There's a new anarchist space in Seattle that just opened and could use some help. WILDCAT is an anarchist/anti-authoritarian organizing /event space in the Central District of Seattle. In the few weeks Wildcat has been open it has hosted a book tour for Occupy Everything { an Anthology of anarchist involvement in the Occupy movement }, held an anti-capitalist debate featuring 5 different tendencies, and has a radical lending library. Wildcat will also be offering revolutionary movie nights, prisoner letter-writing nights, etc.

I have in mind a well-promoted benefit for Wildcat bringing together crews from Oregon and Washington, Norcal and BC too, to put on a sick party: Electronic musics (dnb, tekno, tech-house, dubstep, psy) and hip hop if we can work it into a party, possibly with a second soundsystem/stage.

Get in touch with me and let's collaborate!

website for WILDCAT ->  http://thewildcat.org

homepage: homepage: http://soundcloud.com/groups/the-electronic-bl-a-ck-bloc