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Video: Courage to Resist and Saving Private Manning

Recent presentation by Jeff Paterson, Director of the veterans support group, Courage to Resist.
Jeff discusses briefly his personal story and many others veterans which led to the founding of Courage to Resist before then speaking at length about the case of Bradley Manning.
This report back consists of two clips.

In the first clip, Jeff discusses his story and the stories of other veterans who stood up and out against the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, many of which served prison time for their beliefs.

This clip is about 10 minutes in length.
Courage to Resist

In the second clip, which is about 44 minutes in length, Jeff goes into detail about the case of Bradley Manning, who is awaiting court marshal and possibly execution for releasing classified information regarding U.S. war crimes.

Paterson also provides information about what we can do to support Bradley Manning in his future trial, possibly sometime around May 2012.

Saving Private Manning

homepage: homepage: http://www.couragetoresist.org

get your names and pronouns right 14.Feb.2012 18:15


It's totes disrespectful to refer to her as Bradley Manning and with the pronoun 'his.' It's pretty abundantly clear that she is a trans woman.

 link to paxblueribbon.tumblr.com