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Forum at Red n Black: Candidates Eileen Brady (Mayor) Mary Nolan (PDX City Commissioner)

Today (Sunday 2/12/12) at the Red and Black Cafe
12:45 to 1:15 pm: Mary Nolan
1:15 to 1:45 pm: Eileen Brady
Like the forum with various candidates for Mayor and City Commissioner, we and others (Occupy, PGP) have a forum with Candidates Eileen Brady (Mayor) and Mary Nolan (PDX City Commissioner) this Sunday:

February 12
Red and Black Cafe
400 SE 12th Avenue (4 blocks north of Morrison Street; across 12th from St. Francis Church)

12:45 to 1:15 pm: Mary Nolan
1:15 to 1:45 pm: Eileen Brady

? 12.Feb.2012 14:48


Why is an anarchist space holding a forum for political candidates aka politicians?

ummmm 12.Feb.2012 14:50

joe anybody

problem was - no one told (the) R n B that they were having a meeting and who was going to be speaking at it.


uh 12.Feb.2012 16:44


Fuck this shit- So what happened?

what is a forum? 12.Feb.2012 18:16


is a forum where you cover a politician in tar, roll them in synthetic feathers, then run them out of town?

This post miss-framing to disrupt endorsement interview 13.Feb.2012 12:01

Jorden Leonard jorden@portlandgreens.org

The meeting at R & B was not a forum and was for the Portland Greens with Progressive Party invited as guests. It was an interview of two candidates for possible endorsement. It had nothing to do with Occupy.

This post was done in addition to others as I understand it as an effort to disrupt this interview. As a meeting with just a few people there is not need to ask R & B for permission as it is just a few people as customers having a conversation. Unfortunately people started gathering and it in effect became an "event". This was not intentional on the Portland Green Party's part and I hope R & B noticed the tip jar got a bump in apology. When it became an event in effect I checked to see if we should leave, the consensus as I understood it at the time from R & B and from Brady and others was to stay for a bit so that some people could be heard. Then we left so we could finish our interview with Brady outside.

In all it was successful. We got to see how Brady reacted under pressure, which was well I thought. Though, we would have preferred more respectful discourse as a number of people didn't get to ask her questions because of the ambush.

no its not 13.Feb.2012 12:42

Joe Anybody

[[This post was done in addition to others as I understand it as an effort to disrupt this interview.]]

.the original post was meant to inform.

.you should of informed the establishment.

.or had your private conversation in a cafe and not let anyone join in.

.its one or the other.

.it wasn't an ambush, it was poor planning.

.nothing personal.

??? 13.Feb.2012 19:09

Utterly confused

I am utterly confused by this.

The original posting appears to be an announcement about a "forum" being held at the Red & Black Cafe with Eileen Brady and Mary Novak, both of whom are running for office this year. This is information that someone received from someone else and was relaying as of possible interest to the general public. This is in keeping with the purpose of indymedia portland. Most of the information I receive about events comes from indymedia portland. Thanks for posting.

It surprised me that a "forum" would be held with just the one candidate for Mayor and one candidate for City Council. Normally a forum would involve a broader spectrum of candidates -- not just provide a soapbox for one person to speak. It also surprised me that this forum would be sponsored by Occupy Portland, which has consistently declared itself not to be a headquarters for any particular political party or candidate, and that it would be hosted at an anarchist cafe.

I become even more confused when the Green Party/Progressive Party of Portland declares that this was supposed to be an informal gathering with Progressive and Green Party members with Mses. Brady and Novak to see whether either or both parties would endorse their respective candidacies. The Green Party/Progressive Party spokesperson then seems to blame the people who were more widely advertising this event as an opportunity to hear both candidates speak. The Green Party/Progressive Party spokesperson also seems to imply that this was just an interview and meeting. I've heard of interview meetings being held in more convivial settings such as a cafe. However, it also appears that the invitation to this forum was extended to people who considered themselves Greens and/or Progressives, which would seem to mean that this indeed was an "event" and/or a very one-sided "forum."

I heard -- but this is hearsay -- that videocameras were brought into the Red & Black Cafe so that the "forum" could be recorded. Who brought the videocameras? Eileen Brady or Mary Novak or both? The Progressive and Green Parties? A corporate media television station? I also heard that when the cameras were brought in, the clientele of the Red & Black left the cafe.

If the invitation to hear Mses Brady and Novak speak was indeed extended to wider membership of the Progressive and/or Green Parties, then this would seem to be beyond just being customers of the Red & Black Cafe combining business with pleasure. This becomes an event that is being held at the Red & Black Cafe and the Red & Black Cafe has some guidelines that people have to follow in order to use the space. If videocameras are being brought in to film the "forum" -- if such was indeed the case -- then,again, the Red & Black Cafe guidelines for events have to be observed. It is very mean-spirited and "cheap" to usurp Red & Black Cafe space for a forum under the pretense of just being a cafe customer (i.e., holding an interview or being on a fact-finding mission to determine whether the Green and/or Progressive Parties of Portland can legitimately and in good conscience endorse the candidates).

Could someone (Green/Progressive Party; Ms. Brady; Ms. Novak) please clarify what was going on? If videocameras were brought in and resulted in the cafe's losing some of its other customers (and losing business), it would be courteous for Ms. Brady to take some of the abundant campaign funding that she has in her coffers to make a donation to Red & Black for any loss of revenues that it suffered that Sunday....

I've noticed that the Brady campaign tends to like to take over public events to promote her candidacy. Other candidates also attend events. However, they tend to just flyer and not try to actively engage with potential supporters, detracting from the event that the public is attending. Instead of listening to the message of the event, the public is held captive to Ms. Brady's propaganda, the propaganda of a one percenter in 99 percenter clothing.

Attempt at greater clarity 13.Feb.2012 20:02

Jorden Leonard

One camera was brought by Progressive Party member, and was only used with permission from R&B, and was brought as stated for the benefit of the Progressive Party members not present. Though I've heard that because of the noise of the cafe the recording didn't work out. The second camera was stated as being from indymedia. I didn't feel it was my place to ask them to leave, I didn't care one way or the other.

Nolan and Brady were interviewed because they were two candidates that were not at the forum we had at People's Coop.

Again when this changed from an interview while we were there and became in effect an event, I asked who I understand were R&B workers and Brady if they wanted to stop/leave, they decided to try and have it out. We had to finish the interview outside for the Green Party.

No harm no foul.

Lessons learned. Try to have clearer communication from invited parties.

Lesson not yet learned 13.Feb.2012 22:32

Anon Anok

No harm, no foul. Cries the person committing the flagrant foul. If anarchists learn nothing else from this, it should be to fuck Jorden Leonard and the political posturing of the Green Party and other opportunists. This guy deserves a punch in the face, not another benefit of the doubt.

Video: after the meeting - an opinion resonates 15.Feb.2012 11:37

Joe Anybody iam@joeanybody.com

The Lone Vet shares his opinion (outside on the sidewalk) on how the whole meeting was (not) organized - and how in not knowing who is running or organizing (or in this case not organizing) the meeting... it can become as it did here: a complete mess.

The biggest problem I see was this was not cleared with the R & B
Everyone (including me) assumed it was all fine ... and it wasn't!!!


Anon Anok sounds like a thug not an Anarchist 15.Feb.2012 19:15

Jorden Leonard

I hope the calmer you is a better person.

you can't have it both ways 15.Feb.2012 19:27

Jorden Leonard

In this case as it wasn't an "organized event" the participants are responsible for how things turned out. People need to be more willing to take individual responsibility. If this was an organized event then I think it would be fair to portray the responsibility as it has been.

But again this is a lot of excitement about a few minutes where people got the unexpected opportunity to challenge a major candidate for mayor. That this is being portrayed as negative by some people is... so counter to logic and progress.

Step back, breath, step forward again. Stop being so angry all the time and start working to make things better.

Lolz 15.Feb.2012 23:44

Anon Anok

Get it straight. A thug and an anarchist. Rage is a gift. Why your sorry ass seems to be bent on antagonizing anarchists, I'm not sure. Since the start of Occupy, the list of transgressions is almost becoming ridiculous. But keep poking a hornets nest, and you'll get stung sooner or later.

Video: The 2 Candidates 30 minutes each 16.Feb.2012 07:57

joe anybody iam@joeanybody.com

This is the hour long video of the meeting inside the cafe (30 min each)
The first 30 minutes goes pretty smooth

I say sure we all need to move along from this (meeting) boondoggle
But please note and correct the mistakes along the way

The info regarding this meeting / event / forum was not clear, the more I look back at it
(All) the folks who all showed up didn't get what they expected
I understood it that the R & B would rather this {type of meeting} didn't happen in their place

I filmed this because I wanted to "hear the candidates"
I myself assumed it was OK to be filming, I was wrong,
I got my info off an email inviting folks to come hear the candidates, I should of double checked it

The R & B wanted it clear they didn't endorse this {they told me specifically}
They did say to me "after the fact 1/2 way through" that I could continue with the filming
It put them in an awkward position, I appreciate how they handled this.

But in hindsight
--> had this meeting / event been approved by the establishment in the beginning <--
This would of been a totally different Interview / Forum / Q & A / Meeting / Etc

Incredulous 22.Feb.2012 20:01


I feel like the thing people don't understand isn't the meeting/forum mix-up, its why a fucking political party would organize anything like this at a fucking anarchist space. You have anywhere else in portland to put on your dumb liberal proselytizing, why would you pick the R&B? Granted, the food is great and they deserve support from the entire community, but show up at the R&B as a normal citizen, not as mayoral candidates and political opportunists looking to co-opt some radicals.