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As They Lay Dieing, Lastly on the Okkupy Movement

On another day that will see 22,000 children in the third-world die of treatable conditions, let it be noted well that the diehard liberal fascists and pre-fascists of the okkupy movement are still infuriated that the top 20% of the world doesn't have more than they already do.
I wrote the following a couple of months ago, but perhaps today more people will be capable of understanding it.


The only good that will have came from the Okkupy movement is that perhaps a couple dozen people will have went through an experience that will lead to them throwing off the shackles of liberalism. They will see for themselves that liberalism is mental illness that plagues society and is a powerful tool in the hands of the capitalist class dictatorship. They will see that liberalism is all about begging for money from suit-dummies who've plundered and pillaged the world for their profits, and then calling it a "victory" if they can get a few crumbs out of the deal for themselves and "their people," Amerikans. Both the liberals and the suit-dummies, wherever separate, are vampires out to suck the blood of the poor people of the world, the difference is that the suit-dummies are the gangsters who are overseeing the extraction of the blood of the third-world people in order to maintain the "Amerikan way of life" whereas the liberal is the one in the ear of the suit-dummy begging them for more blood for them and "their people." Both are equally enemies of humanity and stand in the way of global equality and the survival of our planet.

Of course many of the liberals, in all of their anti-science and shallow-mindedness, will not understand that the crumbs they are requesting will be extracted from the poor people of the world. They are deluded on many different levels, but in this case it's that they honestly believe they can control the actions of the suit-dummies. They believe that the suit-dummy can't just tell them to fuck off and take "their" money to wherever and do whatever they want with it. They think that if they get more crumbs that it will actually come out of the pocket of the suit-dummies. They are completely divorced from the reality that labor is the only thing that produces wealth and that when people in the first-world are begging for more from the suit-dummies they are actually begging for more blood from the third-world, that if they achieve "victory" it will mean more rape and plunder of the third-world. They don't understand that "victory" for them means death for our planet. "Victory" means more consumerism, more environmental degradation, more Amerikan lifestyles that our earth can't sustain. People in the first-world need to learn to live with less, not more, but the liberals see it in their interests to fight for people who're overwhelmingly all in the top 20% of the world in terms of wealth (the entire US population) to have even more than they do now. They are fighting to destroy our planet.

The setup today is not much different than it was under chattel slavery in this country. Had the settlers begged for more from the enslavers, where would that wealth be coming from? Would the enslaver be off to go sell "their" stuff to gather up some funds for the beggars or would they think of their options on how to extract even more wealth from the labor of the chattel slaves and/or on how to set up more plantations? Well, today when the settlers beg for more from the suit-dummies the suit-dummies are not thinking "oh, damn I got to go sell my yacht now to get some money for these people" they are thinking "damn, let me see if I can get some more blood out of my workers or otherwise I'm going to have to move my money and jobs somewhere we've made the people so desperate that they won't give me any crap if I just pay them 2 dollars a day."

Liberals are fascists and pre-fascists. Some have no problem whatsoever with raping and plundering the third-world to sustain their unsustainable Amerikan lifestyles, those are the fascists. The pre-fascists are those who say they are against war, but when they've ran away all the suit-dummies with their begging and their Amerikan lifestyle is slipping away from them, they will turn fascist in order to maintain what they believe they deserve, an Amerikan lifestyle that our earth can't sustain and that only exists because they live in the house with gangsters who continuously rob the third-world in order to produce the Amerikan way of life. They believe that they deserve 10 dollar an hour jobs when the majority of the earth's population lives on less than 3 dollars a day. Their belief implies that Amerikans work harder and deserve such income inequality over the third-world who "just aren't working hard enough" or whatever mental gymnastics that they do to be so deluded.

Liberals, especially those involved in the okkupy movement, are racists. Racism is rampant and tolerated by all throughout the okkupy movement. Many indigenous peoples have been vocal about how they are offended that these people would proudly consider themselves occupiers on land that they've been trying to tell people for centuries that it is already occupied. The okkupy movement simply has ignored the message of the indigenous peoples who have put forth a call to "decolonize the 99%" and the racist "occupy" language persists. How would the Iraqi people feel if White people started gathering in the public squares of Iraq and proudly calling themselves "occupiers?" White people have a homeland, it's called Europe. If they want to proudly proclaim themselves occupiers let them do so in Europe, not on stolen land obtained by genocide, petitioning a government that has no right to exist.

Perhaps the most disgusting of the racism at the okkupy movement is their call on non-Whites to show solidarity to the police and military. Asking non-Whites to be in solidarity with the police and military is every bit as racist as it would be to call on Black people to show solidarity to the KKK. If you don't understand what I'm saying here then there is a very high chance that you are suffering from the mental illness called liberalism. If you believe that it is possible or righteous for a non-White person to show solidarity to those who've inflicted so much misery upon your loved ones, those who've brutalized your loved ones, those who hold your loved ones captive in the dungeons of this so-called "land of the free", those who drop bombs on your loved ones, those who terrorize oppressed communities the world over and here at home, those who proudly sign on to serve the interests of the capitalist system that is racist to the core... you are completely deluded, you are completely blinded by White privilege, the privilege to walk out your door without threat of being harassed, brutalized, or murdered by the police, the privilege of not having loved ones being held captive in dungeons for crimes of poverty and desperation that the capitalist system has put people in and is determined to keep them in, the privilege of not having your loved ones be the ones who're murdered by the US military for the crime of being poor and daring to stand up against the most vicious and destructive empire the world has ever seen. Believing that a conscious non-White person can show solidarity to the armed forces under command of the capitalist class is no less delusional than believing that a victim of rape could show solidarity to the rapist. There are no good rapists, and there are no good armed forces under command of the capitalist class. You cannot possibly sign on to say "yes I will take a person to jail if they practice their culture of using cannabis and yes I will take someone to jail if they "steal" from the suit-dummies in order to eat, I will also take them to jail if they become so depressed by the way the world is under capitalism that they turn to drugs etc.." and be a good person, you've signed your rights to be treated as a human away at that point.

The capitalist class has decided that it is time that the okkupy movement dies down after having served their interests very well through enabling them to instill more fear into their overtly fascist base (Christian fascists, "proud to be Amerikans" and generally all who're under influence of the rich White culture) easily readying any further movement to an overtly fascist regime if they believe that it is necessary. On another day that will see 22,000 children in the third-world die of treatable conditions, let it be noted well that the diehard liberal fascists and pre-fascists of the okkupy movement are still infuriated that the top 20% of the world doesn't have more than they already do. Liberalism is mental illness, revolutionary science is the cure, but it only works on those who're truly concerned with the status of ALL of humanity (not simply those in the top 20%, typical Amerikans) and the survival of our earth.

Well said Rojo! 10.Feb.2012 07:13

Lloyd Hart dadapop@dadapop.com

I can't agree more with your thesis. The people that make up the Okkupy movement are simply reacting to the fact that they can't find jobs in this crippled racist economy. Black communities in Amerika have twice the unemployment but Okkupy put pressure on Black activists to join the movement without understanding Black working class conditions and without providing resources to get folks to actions. As for the total disregard for the Native Tribes this is as a result of brain washing white folk have yet to recover from but to recover from it must be a deliberate act of self education and personal humiliation and then and only then can one beg for forgiveness from the Native Tribes. My family has gone through several fortunes exploiting Native lands over the last 400 years. I have turned myself inside out with regret and humiliation over this.

We need to gut European racism of all it's will.

Diego Jones 10.Feb.2012 08:09


Itīs about time for some truth regarding Occupy, and Americans in general. The one percent have enslaved, exploited, and stolen from 79% of the worldīs population. The 10.5% of Europeans and 5.5% of North Americans got fat used 80% of the earthīs resources and wasted landfills of resources. Now that the 1% is no longer capable of exploiting to the same degree, the other 79% of the worldīs population as they once did, and the earth has less to give than it once did, because of western Greed, Americans and Europeans are no longer going to be able Enjoy their ill gotten gains. For many accustomed to living like Pigs this is troubling and they want the 1% to fix it and bring back the good old days. Well thank Goodness the good old days are not coming back and the 79% are demanding more than their previous 19% of the earthīs resources. Until Americans in general and Occupy specifically take responsibility for the 19% over consumption and waste, and not scapegoat the 1% for not continuing to bring home the war booty, it will remain hypocritical and just another distraction.

This post is a joke, correct? 10.Feb.2012 08:41

you have got to be kidding

alternatively, the author is mentally deranged.

Please, more of the "500 years of continuous oppression" / "KKK" (?) narrative - with an Occupy movement that has offered the only sign of visible resistance since the rise of Reagan post-November-1980, "analyses" like this drivel are sorely needed.

Occupy 10.Feb.2012 10:10

Den Mark, Vancouver WA

Occupy is hardly the only resistance since the 80's. In fact, who even remembers the 80's. The wave of protests that began with WTO/Seattle/'99 is just one example of precedent before Occupy.

Occupy has succeeded to an extent. It won media attention & ratcheted conversation upward. But where are occupations now? London's remains vigorous. Where are others?

Occupy in many places has evolved into organizations, with offices & staff & so on. We did not need more organizations. There are already groups working on various justice issues & could use help. We don't need new organizations. Reinventing wheels wastes resources.

Occupy made certain tactical errors, but then who hasn't. One mistake was claiming that Occupy was leaderless when we saw repeatedly that that was not the case. Another mistake was the "we are the 99%" thing. Wrong math.

The fact that Occupy has remained a fringe movement is proof that the math was wrong. The "large" initial rallies & marches immediately dwindled down to mere hundreds left to actually occupy, while most others went home & continued to aspire to be "the 1%". The math was wrong.

Most people still have their money in banks. Most still shop at wal-mart & eat at mcdonald's & watch fox & get all excited when million-dollar athletes run around fields & courts. Most people still vote for republicans & democrats.

The original post is mostly right. It's depressing but right. Humans do not get it, not just here, but everywhere. People do not get it. And never will.

I haven't given up. I still work for justice, but primarily at state & local levels. I haven't given up, because my anger keeps me going. I have no hope for national & international scenes. People are nuts everywhere.

My spirit would be boosted only if Pacific Northwest would secede, only if Republic of Cascadia would happen. But those of us who would cause that would be murdered, by the feds, & by our neighbors, who would shout "USA! USA!" as they killed us.

reply to some comments 10.Feb.2012 13:07

Sendero Rojo

Lloyd - Every person is entitled to resources that see to it that they have a healthy secure survival and effective means of communication. Don't feel guilty if you're living a lifestyle as such, only feel guilty if you are not devoting all of your excess to bringing about global equality the best way you know how. It's true that revolutionaries in the first-world are behind enemy lines, but having pockets of true solidarity with the third-world can only be a good thing when the third-world rises up with revolutionary science in the lead and the time comes to go all out to destroy the first-world as we know it. All of your excess should go to building organization for that glorious day amongst those who've demonstrated that they can do fine without an Amerikan lifestyle. People who live Amerikan lifestyle are enemies of humanity, even those who profess to be revolutionaries, especially those who profess to be revolutionaries. The only people who can lead a revolution all the way to where it needs to go are those who've demonstrated that they're willing to give their all to the cause of liberating all of humanity from the dictatorship of the capitalist class.

The numbers of people not having jobs in the first-world is expected to grow given that the liberals are steadily trying to enact policies that keep the capitalist class from being able to compete against other capitalists who (thanks to imperialism) are able to more viciously exploit workers in other countries. What happens though is that as the liberals run away more and more capital(ists), and more and more Amerikans can't get jobs, is that they will become overt fascists looking around for the first group of people they can blame as to why Amerikans can't lead the lifestyles they've grown accustomed to. They've tasted the blood of the third-world and simply want more.

Others- The okkupy movement is not resistance. The okkupy movement is fascism. Let me be very clear, rallying first-world people around economic issues is the very essence of fascism. When first-world people are in the streets demanding that they have less, that they want to give back all that has been stolen for them from the third-world then that will be resistance. That day will never come. Serious revolutionaries have to ask the question: "Who are our friends, and who are our enemies?" Typical Amerikans are our enemies. Amerikans who believe they deserve even more than they already have had stolen for them are really, really our enemies.

Den - Yes, I think it should be very telling to those still blind enough to believe that there is a potential revolutionary force amongst the common people in the United Snakes, that even despite extensive media coverage the okkupy leadership is unable to gather more people than some high school football games, or, say, if any random group said that there would be naked people and free food at (name your venue). Typical Amerikans have no interest in changing the world that they already are on top of. Typical Amerikans are enemies of humanity.

Your point is what again? 19.Feb.2012 14:35

@Sendero Rojo

"Others- The okkupy movement is not resistance. The okkupy movement is fascism. Let me be very clear, rallying first-world people around economic issues is the very essence of fascism. "

Don't think you understand what fascism is. Fascism is monied political forces consolidating production to benefit the privileged few, ie, the 1%. By definition fascism cannot be something initiated at the street level. Get a dictionary.

OTOH this could be a fair criticism: "When first-world people are in the streets demanding that they have less, that they want to give back all that has been stolen for them from the third-world then that will be resistance."

Except why do you assume this isn't part of many Occupiers goals? The consequence of first worlders demanding economic parity will set (or reset as the case may be) economic expectations. This benefits everyone. And lets face it, first world workers should be leading for no other reason than they are closest to the problem and are protected by their privilege for the abuses protesters in less fortunate countries face.

Not really seeing what you're objection is.