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WA Readers: Help Legalize Pot

Legislative Hearing Today On I-502
I-502, to legalize, regulate, & tax marijuana in Washington was heard this morning in combined House & Senate committees in Olympia. This would be an excellent day to call your respective state senator & representatives to show support for this important legislation. The call is free & quick. Tomorrow would be a good day to call, too. If the legislature does not pass 502, in this short second session of the bi-ennium, the Initiative will go before voters in november.




Den Mark

Addendum 09.Feb.2012 09:37

Den Mark

Because I-502 involves excise tax, two-thirds support in each legislative chamber would be required, which would not happen, given number of republicans & conservative democrats. 502 would likely pass, but not at two-thirds. So there's really no doubt that the Initiative will go before voters in november. Calls to legislators are nonetheless appropriate & helpful.

I called. 09.Feb.2012 10:13


thanks for your handy, dimplr info.