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Statement Of Responsibility

Dear bastard coppers,

We smashed up your probation center on SE Tenth and Stark and tagged it with a big ACAB and the words 'Ya'll are murderers.'
But you already knew that. We just wanted to write and and see if you liked it. Did you appreciate it? We didn't like that you murdered another person. Brad Lee Morgan was struggling and you just murdered him in cold blood. Then you tried to smear him in the media by releasing his criminal record, as if some people are such criminal subhumans we shouldn't care that you murder them. Anyhoo, we would be just pleased as punch if you didn't do that anymore. In fact, feel completely welcome to kill yourselves. Until that happens, we'll keep destroying everything you care about, from your windows and doors, to the very institutions of law themselves. Is that OK? Hope so.

Some Anarchists