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Portland Free Skool

Free Skools are a worldwide web of schools devoted to free education & community building as a route to personal & social change.

An open-source educational project, Freeskools offer a radically different approach to living and learning. At the Freeskool, anyone with a passion for their subject can teach a class, and anyone can attend, because it is free.

PDX now has a Free Skool, and we invite you to participate!
‎"Portland Free Skool at first confused the hell out of me. But once I figured it out and got to a class I was really happy I did--I found new friends and new ideas. Best."


"I am he as you are he as you are me and we are all together..."
~The Beatles

Many people are surprised to learn Freeskool is not run by your stereotypical "dedicated group of volunteers," but instead is entirely self-organizing: that means people contribute what they want, what they can, & when they want to.

Never underestimate the power of this though! A truly diverse number of causes, passions, and meanings are united under the banner of Free Skool. We are all free to pursue, then share them thru Free Skool. When one fully grasps this idea, one can begin to understand the power of Freeskool... and why we love our inspired teachers and bold, curious students.

Wikipedians of the Classroom
A Darwin for Ideas
Open-source Education in the Information Age
Montessori for Grown-Ups

Whatever you call us...
You just can't take these classes in College!


Short answer- anytime, anywhere that somebody is teaching something for free, they are Free Skooling!

Longer Answer- Free Skool events are held at Community Spaces such as Tabor Space, Coffee Shops, Public Libraries, Peoples' Homes, Parks, Temples, Under Bridges, in Rivers, wherever! Each teacher determines the location that makes the most sense for the class. Check each course description on our website below for its location.


If you'd like to teach, take a class, share a skill, etc, then start at to our website, below.

If you know someone who'd like either of those... give the gift of education and tell them about us!

We are always looking for people to distribute our flyer. Our flyer helps us get the best teachers and students in Portland. If you think you have a great location, message us and we'll send you the latest one.

Otherwise, just spread the word that free education has arrived :D


Online at  http://portlandfreeskool.wordpress.com/

Want to write to us? portlandfreeskool āt gmail · com

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Twitter??? @PDXFreeskool

homepage: homepage: http://portlandfreeskool.wordpress.com/