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Green Party attempts to co-opt Occupy Portland

After being called out on advertising an "Occupy" candidate forum, organized by the Green Party without involvement of the GA, the Executive Director of the Portland Greens made the following comments:
Following statements were made on Occupy Portland's facebook page by the Executive Director of the Portland Green Party, Jorden Leonard:

"...I'm using Occupy to strength (sic) the Green Party. I've never made a secret of this fact."

"...I believe Occupy exists in part to be used by groups like the Green Party."

"I think Occupy PDX should from a PAC..."

"...from the second GA of OP (before the Oct 6 march) until now I have worked to promote the Green Party within Occupy PDX in some form or another."

" it's the system we have, and I am working with it to try and make it better at a foundational level ie IRV, corp personhood etc"

"Occupy isn't an anti capitalist movement fyi"

"I don't believe in altruism. I like power."

And to top it off, here's a proposal he's working on getting passed -  http://www.nedroj.com/ocowiki/index.php?title=Better_Entities_Proposal - "We, Occupy Portland, support the creation of an efficient and sustainable market economy."