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Video: Remaining Speakers from Portland Occupy the Courts Rally

Included here are video clips of speakers from the Occupy the Courts rally held at Pioneer Courthouse Square on January 20, 2012. This rally was well attended despite foul weather. After the Rally, the crowd crossed the street for a jubilant march around Pioneer Courthouse.
Each video clip features segments of the great music supplied by Portland Raging Grannies and/or Dr. Atomic's Medicine Show, and varies in length from 4 minutes to about 7 minutes.

Adam Klugman, host of the AM KPOJ 620 radio program, "Mad As Hell in America."

Remarks by Adam Klugman

Adam, speaking about corporate person hood says "what I find offensive about the whole idea isn't just that corporations have been raised to the level of Human Beings, but that the miracle of human existence has been reduced in stature to the level of corporations."
"And for me this is the real point, the real sign of our times that we must resist at every turn. It is the dehumanization of our society."

Babara Dudley,a former president of Greenpeace USA, is now an Adjunct Professor at Portland State University, and also currently working with Working Families of Oregon.

Remarks by Babara Dudley

"This country was born in the struggle between the 1% and the 99%. You know about Shays Rebellion, the farmers that fought the Revolutionary War, who got stuck with the war debt and bailed out the 1%."

"This Constitution was written to keep that rabble down. And we are that rabble."

Barbara selects several historical facts to demonstrate that even if we do manage to pass this Move to Amend Amendment, this would only be the first step."
Barbara states further that Thomas and Scalia need to resign from this court......we need to Occupy the courts, and take back our democracy."

Richard Harisay, a member of the Marion Polk Counties Chapter of Move to Amend

Remarks by Richard Harisay

Richard first begins by declaring that we the people are sovereign, and that this is the supreme law of the land. Next he discusses a disease that we are all born with. "It is a disease that once we are diagnosed, plagues us the rest of our lives. It causes a strange organ to develop within our person. It is a disease that sometimes results ... .....it's too horrible to contemplate...it results in VOTING."
"Yes, the disease I'm talking about is citizenship."
Richard goes on to show how the richest organization on the planet are striving to cure us by surgically removing this organ and transplant it into themselves.

Nate Gulley is speaking for Common Cause Oregon.

Remarks by Nate Gulley

After briefly encouraging the crowd to support the local homeless paper, "Street Roots," Nate urges the crowd to step outside their comfort zones and reach beyond the choir to diversify our movement. "We're not going to pass ballot measures, we're not going to do any of that fun stuff we like if we're just talking to each other. We've got to branch out just a little bit."

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