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No records from Japan's Fukishima crisis task force

No minutes were kept by the Japanese government during meetings of a special task force that managed the response to the crisis at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant last year.
(01-22-2012) The Japanese government held 21 meetings of a special task force to address the nuclear crisis at Fukishima, yet there are no minutes of any of the meetings. NHK World (Japan broadcasting Corporation) recently asked for minutes of the meetings, and all they received were lists of agenda items.

According to NHK, "The person in charge at the government's Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency, which acts as the secretariat of the taskforce, told NHK that he was too busy to write the minutes."

The task force was headed by the prime minister and included all of Japan's cabinet members. They made important decision as the crisis evolved.

Coincidentally, a joint task force including Tokyo Electric Power Company and representatives of the government also left no traces of their work. In both instances, Japan's laws require a public record. The final word we have from NHK is that the cabinet office is investigating both incidents.

Source: NHK World

David Roknich, IndyRadio.nu

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