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Video: Report Back from Portland Occupy the Courts, with Photos

One of the dynamite speakers from the recent Portland Occupy the Courts demonstration, part of at least 130 similar events scheduled for January 20, 2012 nation wide.
The local Occupation event was led by Portland Move to Amend and was supported by many other groups, including Occupy Portland.

Report Back from the Portland Occupy the Courts Event
Erin Madden, a member of Occupy Portland, speaks from the perspective of an environmental activist who spent a week with the Wall Street Occupation and "was inspired by the amazing passion and energy and willingness of so many people to set their lives aside for the greater good."

According to Madden, this experience changed her life. She has been an environmental activist for almost 20 years, and will continue dedicating herself "to protecting this amazing place we call home." But, when getting involved with the Occupy Movement Erin "realized that the solution to the environmental crisis is not just about stopping the next old growth timber sale, or the next coal fired power plant. It's not about plugging the pipes that discharged polluted waste into our rivers and streams."

"It's about shifting the balance of power back from corporate America to we the people.

"Our current system insures that[corporations]get what they want and today we say enough. Corporations are not 'We the People,' and we can no longer afford to allow corporations to buy our elections and our elected officials at the expense of our representative democracy."

This clip is about 6 minutes in length. Look for other clips from these articulate and passionate speakers to appear here on Portland Indymedia in the next few days.

Report Back from the Portland Occupy the Courts Event

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False solutions to false problems 21.Jan.2012 20:27


Just for further clarification, Move to Amend does not equal Occupy. They're a bunch of liberal opportunists using the movement to advance an explicitly reformist agenda. They've shamelessly tried to co-opt Occupy, first with their pathetic dealings with Sam Adams, a clear enemy to the Occupy movement, and now with this pointless action. It would be funny if it weren't so sad. How many times are people going to be fooled by this routine? Perhaps when they've finally finished constructing the barbed wire fences around our ghettos? And even then we'll be told that escape is impossible, better to plead for improved living conditions rather than fight for our freedom.