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It would be nice to blame "99 percent" but inaccurate.

I strongly disagree with the identification of 99/1 as a 'rally cry'. Here's why.
1% is the number given for the sector of population that has ridiculous quantity of wealth, and YES it is a problem. It is also what the Hell's Angels consider themselves, outlaws and rare.
In fighting oppression though, we all need to acknowledge our own role. Those whose money votes, and those whose cooperation or lack amongst themselves gives us a unified or broken community. Solidarity is being able to listen to other views, explain yours, find resolution or find out why you have differences. When people rant and use rhetoric and interrupt each other, when people won't take a minute to listen to reason, a connection is broken that otherwise could stand strong against oppression. Shopkeepers, cops, security, bankers, workers... We are all accountable for make a whole human movement or not. Can't blame 1% alone. Divisive slogans don't help.
I feel and see a 'movement' sabotaged everyday, just because of assumptions and the authority vested with them being such a persistent myth that they will not question it.

anok 20.Jan.2012 17:09


This arguments been made, valid point, get over it.

The population is,,, 21.Jan.2012 12:35

Lloyd Hart dadapop@dadapop.com

completely to blame for the collective condition of the tribe at any given time. But the criminal opportunists who take advantage of the population's lack of responsibility for the regulation of the populations' wealth attempt to consolidate their supposed power with such extraordinary speed it has a tendency impoverish the population at breakneck torque. This shocks the population into great anger. The criminal opportunists seem to turn to war very quickly after the population has been aroused by their lack of access to resources. In this respect we are repeating the 1930s and the criminal opportunists are trying to flip the governments (just as they did in Germany in 1932) in North Africa and the Middle East from moderate Muslim to Muslim fundamentalists so they can attack them at some point in the future. Tunisia, Egypt, Libya and even Iraq have all swung to Muslim fundamentalism. Now Syria is the target and the CIA and MI6 are funding right wing Muslim fundamentalists there.

If you want democracy and worker equity you have to take the power from the criminal opportunists and establish clean elections. This called a revolution where the population finally takes responsibility for the collective condition.

The 1% Are Precisely Our Enemy! 21.Jan.2012 14:18


It is a metaphorical rallying cry, not an academic statistic! Most of the richest 1% are probably on permanent vacation anyway. It's probably about 0.1% of the richest and/or most powerful who are driving the fascist takeover.

But still, "1%" is the perfect metaphor for the anti-freedom movement.

The 99% cannot afford to be bamboozled by corporate PR smooth-talk!

The 1% rich and powerful are our enemies, but they CERTAINLY do not want us to know it!