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Video: Occupy Redding California

When in Redding California over the Martin Luther King Jr. week end, I was fortunate to visit the local Occupy Redding demonstration at the downtown Mall.

Occupy Redding Interviews
Occupy Redding has long been involved in the Occupy Wall Street Movement and holds a demonstration at the north end of the downtown mall everyday from 1:00 - 4:00. This is an unusually good location as it is on the main street leading south through town and the traffic must split and veer either west or east at this point. Great profile, and they receive numerous honks, and honestly a few fingers as well.

Occupy Redding also recently assisted in bringing Amy Goodman to town with about 700 people in attendance.
Formerly a rail road, mining and then logging community, Redding has long been extremely Conservative. But this is changing, as shown by the many progressive organizations whose incredible organizing skills made this such a successful event.

I visited their demonstration on Monday, the National Holiday celebrating the life and work of Martin Luther King Jr. and interviewed a few people. These folks are extremely enthusiastic and optimistic about the successes and the future of the Occupy Movement world side, continuing to plan events and looking forward to heightened activities in the Spring.

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