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Return of People's Cinema

This Friday marks the triumphant return of B Media's People's Cinema, a wildly popular film series that we held three times a week at the Chapman Park occupation during October. People's Cinema will now be a part of Occupy Portland's Arts and Entertainment Night in collaboration with OP's Arts and Entertainment Committee and TUPAC at St Francis Church Fridays from 7-9 PM, check Occupy Portland's website to see exactly when we'll be showing.

People's Cinema looks to highlight historical and contemporary films and short videos that are socially conscious, artistically legitimate and most importantly crowd pleasing, with political education and crowd discussion as our desired goal. We also want to make the series as participatory as possible and want suggestions from the audience about other films we need to know about so we can compile a publicly accessible list of great radical films and show some of them as the series goes on.
We feel the first film is particularly relevant to the the Occupy movement, as it deals with a mass uprising that happened in 2006 in Oaxaca, Mexico wherein the population set up a 6 month encampment in the main square of Oaxaca City demanding the resignation of the corrupt and authoritarian governor.

Un Poquito de Tanta Verdad (A Little Bit of So Much Truth)

In the summer of 2006, a broad-based, non-violent, popular uprising exploded in the southern Mexican state of Oaxaca. Some compared it to the Paris Commune, while others called it the first Latin American revolution of the 21st century.

But it was the people's use of the media that truly made history in Oaxaca. A 90-minute documentary, Un Poquito de Tanta Verdad captures the unprecedented media phenomenon that emerged when tens of thousands of school teachers, housewives, indigenous communities, health workers, farmers, and students took 14 radio stations and one TV station into their own hands, using them to organize, mobilize, and ultimately defend their grassroots struggle for social, cultural, and economic justice.

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