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News: Real or Fake

Adult Conversation regarding fake/scripted news stories
I started a thread last night about fake news stories, and I see this morning it has been deleted and I wonder why this censorship here on this "independent" media center. Now let's all have an adult conversation here about the news. Is it real or Fake? I ask, are there scripted news stories fed to the public as real when in fact it's all an act, a scripted play with paid actors.

There appears to be some evidence that some mainstream news stories were in fact, scripted with paid actors playing the parts. I am interested in having an adult conversation about this topic. No Censorship please.

Thank you for your attention to this matter.

-The Dude

Fake or Real 20.Jan.2012 09:23

indy workerbee

The article you are referring to is in "open compost" for 2012

The reason it was placed in "Open trash" was due to the link that was attached which was presented as the proof to the question you are proposing.

The "reach" to say: Fake or Real? By "using that video link" is questionable in regards to it being a news worthy article.

The attached video [proof] in your 1st post seems to me to be [in my opinion] "wacky" and needs lots of imagination and conspiracy filler to be gullible or remotely considered "news".

This post [here] seems to ask the intelligent question, "Mainstream News: Real or Fake" and it is a good question.

The video clip reference "proof" [in the 1st post] tends to really make the question mute and the video conspiracy the topic. The video and other clips just like it by the same person, seem almost humorous, and not tangible.

Open compost - is used for non news articles, mainstream news post, and off the wall discussions that don't merit the "Cascadian independent newswire" front page.
Your question on *this post fits in.
Posting bizarre video clips {would seem]to be more of a "comment" to the question.
For the Ed Chiarini video[s] *in and by them self, are hard to swallow as being anything called "news".

I am a volunteer workerbee, other indy workers may feel different regarding this video / topic.
They may choose to handle this differently, and thus one could move the article [post] back to the newswire if they want. [?]
For now I see this post as relevant and the other as not so.

Now on to your question: Mainstream News: Real or Fake?
I think they lie and manufacture stories all the time!
I think mainstream media will spoon feed you deceptive stories and garbage tripe day in and day out.
I rely on independent news and people telling their opinions more than the corporate fed lie machine.