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The Year 2012

2012: Will we wake up and find part of the earth has been struck by a mysterious planet or has experienced a sudden shift in the position of the north and south poles thus triggering several cataclysmic events?
2012: Will we wake up and find part of the earth has been struck by a mysterious planet or has experienced a sudden shift in the position of the north and south poles thus triggering several cataclysmic events? There are several theories and predictions around the year 2012. Nothing has brought the beliefs around the 2012 phenomenon to the limelight more than the movie 2012- so much so that even government agencies such as NASA (North American Space Agency) came out to make statements in an effort to reassure the general public.

But what are these theories around 2012? The year 2012, and specifically December 21st is the magical date - the most widespread theory predicts a global transformation event to mark the end of an ancient Mayan calendar long cycle and the beginning of a new one. According to the Mayan calendar, 2012 is the end of a 5,125-year cycle since the last such transformational event.

A correlation of dates from the Mayan calendar and today's western calendar is what falls on December 21st of the year 2012. The Mayan calendar is drawn from the Maya civilization of Central America. The Maya civilization lasted from 250-900AD. The Mayans are credited with having an advanced writing and enumeration system as well as document preservation that has since been discovered and deciphered by modern day anthropologists and archeologists.

Theorists are split on what exactly will happen on this day. Whereas some forecast doom and great catastrophe for the people on earth such as an inter-planetary collision between the Earth and another planet, others hold a more optimistic view seeing December 21st as the day for positive change or spiritual transformation among the people on earth. Although the Mayan calendar is still used in some Central American communities, it is not as wide spread as it was at the height of the Mayan civilization.

However, the prediction of looming doom or apocalypse is largely a western concept with no correlation to actual Mayan beliefs. Classical Mayan inscriptions are predominantly historical and offer no predictions on the future. The Mayan did however emphasize on balance of the cosmos. Nevertheless, this does not necessarily suggest a radical transformation whether positive or negative.

One completely Western theory but that has been hinged upon the Mayan calendar long cycle, has predicted a geomagnetic reversal. The theory holds that the earth's magnetic field has weakened and thus the south and north magnetic poles are expected to reverse. Even though this theory has some scientific support, critics have argued that a geomagnetic reversal is not something that can take place in such a short time (a day) but is a gradual process. In addition, the geomagnetic reversal is a weak process that it will take millions or even billions of years before such a change takes place - if ever.

The planetary collision theorists believe that a planet Nibiru is expected to collide with the Earth in 2012. Initially, the collision date was predicted as 2003. But that came and passed with no incident or even a near miss. The main weakness of this theory is that given the sheer dimensions of galactic space, if any planet was on a path to collision with the earth, astronomers would have already seen the planet by now.

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anok 17.Jan.2012 04:41


Get behind me satan.

add another notch to the list of failed predictions 17.Jan.2012 14:17



We have an amazingly good track record of incorrectly predicting the end of the world. I'd take these odds to vegas and make a million, but it won't matter because I'm sure a meteor will take us out on December 21st.

Luckily I still have that food stockpile I set up to deal with Hale-Bopp. Or was it Y2k? I can't remember, but the canned tuna is still good.