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George Fahey tortures and kills dogs at University of Illinois

Vivisector George Fahey kills dogs. Give him a call!
This research is done to benefit corporate pet food manufacturers. Please contact Fahey and let him know what you think of his tortorous acts.

George Fahey
2709 Berniece DR.
Champaign, IL 61822
Home Phone: (398) 398-1138
Email:  gcfahey@illinois.edu
Office Phone: 217-333-2361

"At Fahey's orders, each of the dogs had undergone a surgical procedure to string a length of tubing from its intestinal tract to a clear plastic spout that stuck out its side. Fahey, a professor of animal and nutritional sciences, could open a spout by hand, fill a bag with whatever happened to ooze out and calculate how much the dog had digested before whatever it had not digested could move farther through its body."