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OWS Changed Nothing!

Occupy Wall Street has changed the conversation about 'vulture capitalists' and other Republicans - Joe Lapointe
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OWS Changed Nothing!

By Lloyd Hart

Occupy Wall Street has changed the conversation about 'vulture capitalists' and other Republicans - Joe Lapointe
 link to current.com


Get a grip. Americans haven't changed their conversation around the stripping away of the working people's ladder out of poverty in decades. That conversation has been loud and steady since the last housing bubble burst in 1987 that made 15,000,000 people homeless and began the first stages of the worker equity destroying free trade deals. The organized protests against the invasion of Iraq were the largest ever in America's history. Over a million marched against the Republican convention 2004 alone.

The Occupy Wall St. (OWS) protests were the smallest of all the protests of the last ten years and were only significant as a result of the media coverage they got compared to the real protests of the last decade.

But the problem the public presently has with OWS is that when OWS was asked by every media out let on the planet "What do you want?" OWS blinked claiming "We don't need to have a list of demands because,,,,Well because we're special!" And because of this not having the courage of their convictions response, public support for OWS has completely collapsed.

No one is interested in following cowards into a very serious battle to win income equity where people are going to get hurt and possibly even killed. Americans have been following the cowards in the democratic party for years now and it has only gotten them poorer. The public is all done with that.

No, what the working people of this country are looking for are people with the courage of their convictions. We are most certainly not looking for an MSNBC manufactured slogan that won't go anywhere just as it did the presidential election campaign of 2008.

The "Get The Money Out!" attempt to give OWS at least one real demand is politically cute but the problem is, is that there are several giant steps that are much larger that have to be taken before real election finance reform can take place and the biggest one of all is a ban on all Electronic Jim Crow Voting Machines from all American elections!

America almost did it in 2008 but something very mysterious happened. The democrats introduced a bill in congress to ban all Electronic Jim Crow Voting Machines from American elections but then all of a sudden they tabled the bill with the promise to take it up again in 2013.

Yes the republicans didn't steal the election in 2008 but only because voting age participation was sky rocketing from the 50% in the 2000 elections to what turned out to be 64% in 2008. With that many Americans paying attention to the outcome of the election, stealing the election would have exposed the vote theft system too much more public scrutiny than it got in 2000 and 2004 and the dems would also be put in the dog house for not passing the ban on Electronic Jim Crow Voting Machines.

Karl Rove and the Generals had other plans. Simply wait until the corrupt the democrats and the psychotic republicans break the back of voter participation in elections and simply go back to stealing them. This happened in 2010 and was covered up by the corporate media by a completely manufactured corporate PR campaign called the Tea Party.

This ridiculous effort the give the OWS plebs something to do of get the money out of politics while the Generals and the oligarchs engineer another phony election is an insult to all Americans and especially to those of us who are really paying attention .

If Americans want to do something real they should go into their closets, find their baseball bats, go down to their county elections offices and physically destroy the all Electronic Jim Crow Voting Machines forcing America to vote on a precinct counted in front of independent and party observers, Paper Ballot.

Then and only then will real reforms begin to happen as the majority of Americans want them to happen.

Get The General And Their Corporate Stooges Out Of Our Ballot Boxes - Ban Electronic Jim Crow Voting Machines, should be the slogan and not this bullshit "Get The Money Out!" crap which will never happen under present conditions.

Lloyd Hart

get a grip 16.Jan.2012 11:04


OWS has OBVIOUSLY changed the public discourse about inequality.

OWS is also a movement still in motion...ideas and organization are still evolving...OWS is still in a process of change, hopefully resulting in the "systemic change" you are seeking.

gemini 16.Jan.2012 11:42

the same

I agree. Friends of my mother, like think, bored stereotypical midwestern housewives are posting politically charged things on her Facebook. It's just a birthing pain or whatever, but it's significant. You also compared the United States to France in the late 18th century . No disrespect but maybe you have this tendency that's innate in many of us where you kind of jump to extremes.