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Native Oregonian Robina Suwol Makes a Difference Protecting Health & the Environment

Founder of California Safe Schools increases environmental awareness through recyling program.
California Safe Schools, a leader in the environmental health and environmental justice movement continues their recycling efforts while earning free technology, recreational equipment or cash by participating in the Funding Factory Recycling Program. By donating to California Safe Schools , businesses help them earn the technology they need. Currently California Safe Schools is collecting empty laser and inkjet cartridges and used cell phones from the community and sends the waste products to FundingFactory.

For more than a decade Robina Suwol, the founder and Executive Director of California Safe Schools has been making strides to repair the world. A tireless advocate for health and the environment, she has taken every opportunity to protect our most vulnerable populations.

Robina has been one of the most vocal concerning current EPA regulations, which state that threshold standards for chemical exposure are based on 160lb. adult male and opposed Intentional Dosing of Pesticides for Human Experimentation Studies. Robina has also been extremely active on school siting, and testified extensively and commented that to ensure health and safety, schools should not be built on sites with deed restrictions.

California Safe School Coalition was the force behind Los Angeles Unified School District groundbreaking Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Policy, whose preamble includes the "Precautionary Principle". IPM uses low risk methods to eradicate pests. This policy led to California's Healthy Schools Act of 2000, and has become a model for school districts and communities internationally.

October 6, 2005, Governor Schwarzenegger signed AB 405 (Montanez) sponsored by California Safe Schools. This law closes a loophole protecting more than 6 million California K-12 public school students, & hundreds of thousands of teachers & school employees from exposure to experimental pesticides whose health effects are unknown.

Since founding CSS, Suwol produces innovative environmental health events for students & public,& makes frequent presentations on all areas of health & safety to school officials, legislators & regulatory agencies. To learn more about supporting California Safe Schools, please call 818.785-5515 or email: calisafe [at] earthlink.net

Companies interested in demonstrating a commitment to education and the environment can participate free of charge in the Funding Factory Business Support Program. Funding Factory will send each supporting business FREE prepaid shipping labels for the return of collected cartridges and cell phones.

To learn more about the FundingFactory visit ( http://www.fundingfactory.com) . Funding Factory provides schools, nonprofit groups and charities with much-needed funding through the simple act of recycling. Participating organizations earn funds by collecting empty printer cartridges and used cell phones from their communities and supporters. All program materials and services (including boxes and return shipping for the items) are free for the participants. Funding Factory has provided over $20 million in funding to schools and groups across the country since its inception in 1997. For more information, visit  http://www.FundingFactory.com, or call, toll-free, 1.888.883.8237.


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