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Alliance Community Meetings:

... Editorial Meeting: Tuesday, January 10
7-9pm at Laughing Horse Books at 12 NE 10th Avenue
(Just North of Burnside) We will talk about the current
issue, next print issue and story and feature ideas for
January through March!

Please join us for coffee, snacks, and conversation!
Editors Workshop: Wednesday, January 18

at the Alliance (5926 N. Albina Ave.)

Phone Banking at Sunday, January 22;

Monday , January 23; & Tuesday, January 24.

at the Communications Workers of America

10011 S.E. DIVISION ST., SUITE 302


Editorial Meeting: Thursday, January 26

at KBOO or Laughing Horse

BBQ and Office Work Party! : Sunday, January 29

at the Alliance (5926 N. Albina Ave.)

Community Board Meeting: Tuesday, January 31

at The June Key Delta Community Center

(5940, North Albina Ave. / Corner of Albina & Ainsworth)

Join us please! There will be food!


homepage: homepage: http://www.ThePortlandAlliance.org/