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Neoliberal Vicious Circle

"One of the peculiarities of the neoliberal globalization is that its protagonists seek to fight the devastations — for which they bear responsibility — by the same means that cause the devastations. They call these means »market liberalization« or simply »liberalization«. They refer to the deregulation of national markets..."
"It needs no further explanation that growing mass unemployment and poverty caused by »market liberalization« is not to be fought with »market liberalization«, especially not by constantly increasing the dose. Even the financial crisis emerging in 2008 and the depth crisis thereafter have halted the destructive process only temporarily. Meanwhile, considering the half-hearted political advances ever since, the protagonists have an easy game to regain the former acceptance of their selfish interests.

The term »vicious circle« generally means destruction, in this case even self-destruction. Mainly, because the neoliberal economic doctrine systematically undermines the regional foundation upon which it still flourishes. Logically, it will ultimately destroy itself by destroying its foundation. But we should not let things get that far."

to read Gerd Zeitler's 8-page essay "Neoliberal Vicious Circle" published in Jan 2012, click on


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