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Bare foot entry barred in the Cottage Grove public library. why is this, and so many other places? It seems nothing more than a prejudice, or fear of a liability. The bare foot is typically cleaner than a shoe; for a lot of people this is a serious health and comfort issue. We have been stonewalled and threatened with police action. If it was legal to be barefoot everywhere probably many more would join our ranks. Our action is in January because that's when the issue came up, unfortunately, so hopefully it will be warm!
For immediate release (dated January 12, 2012). Cottage Grove, Oregon. U.S.A.

Tomorrow (January 13) at 11 AM, the Barefoot Brigade of Cottage Grove is planning to walk into the library barefoot in defiance to their policy requiring shoes. This follows several incidents previously of people being asked to leave for having no shoes with no answer to 'why'.
We are hoping to have a discussion and change this policy by demonstrating that it is of no danger to any but those who don't look where they step. No reason has been presented so far, despite several inquiries, and our dispelling myths such as 'bare feet stink' or are 'dirty' (compared to shoes?). People with no shoes tend to notice more what's on their feet, in fact. The structural problems caused by shoes are well documented. Some people can not afford them, and although they should get free shoes if needed, still they have the right not to wear them either. To people who habitually walk barefoot though, the most compelling reason to change this policy is that wearing shoes temporarily seriously affects skin and causes cracking to the otherwise impervious toughened soul. For these reasons, we are walking peacefully to make conference with those in charge.
This issue, trivial to some, represents freedom to us.


Yeah! 12.Jan.2012 21:30


You guys rock!

no laws 13.Jan.2012 06:38


right on 13.Jan.2012 09:04


All of the political prisoners, starving poor and homeless will be thankful that you are addressing this crucial issue.

FOLLOW UP 14.Jan.2012 18:30


The 'principle agitator' (friend who goes barefoot often) chose the route of civil disobedience, refused to put on his shoes. Cops were called, arrested him and charged him with trespassing! $5000 in potential fine and they say they are going to keep him until court (arraignment or trial, not sure) on Thursday, NEXT WEEK?!?! If I can get in touch I may bail him (depending on wishes) for 10%.... this is obviously ridiculous and draconian. An elder of our community, who was unarmed, and non-threatening through the whole encounter, I will add. The documenting party (myself) left compliant with the shoe policy (when asked to wear shoes I did, when I was asked to leave, I did) but officer says I am, too, 86ed (no trespassing order on a public building). Why is that? Because you have been a problem. The only thing we agreed about (me and said cop) is that he was wasting time by being there. But he put the onus on me to do as told and sit down and shut up, whereas I put the onus of feeling,righteousness, reason, and compassion towards more necessity. This is clearly unconstitutional and I would not so much care, except that this is the way that many other things are governed and it's bullshit.
Besides this I will only add that even the gentle police of Cottage Grove look like robots and you can see them shorting fuses similarly; they stood to close to me but at least nobody got shot.
Apparently, asking questions is frowned on to the tune of $5000....
I am researching further and planning counter action but we seem to be dealing with a pathologically authoritarian bunch which of course surprises no one at this place and time. Considering flying an amendment to make library director an elected position. Until then I am of course going to contest the barring, which even according to their own policy.
Eh, ideas of action legal or otherwise?
Other barefoot people, having dealt with this? There is no health code to claim ground of course, but they are apparently allowed to make policy unilaterally( the library director, who is appointed by city manager who is also an appointed position). Question is, can they enforce this policy legally?
And what about the trauma of being kidnapped for such a small thing?
Yes, I know, only about half the starving homeless will care about this but fortunately we had a good meal and got warm before the action. Incidentally, shaving, washing yourself, hair, clothes, changing clothes, in the bathroom, and sleeping are all illegal in the library also so watch out campers... detail of policy exists at www.cottagegrove.plinkit.org/about-us/library-policies/behavior-in-the-library.html

Now, I would like to protect the right to not wear shoes, but also mandate the shared use of drinking water and toilet facilities in both the private and public sector, thereby alleviating the stress on any one location as well as the stress on many individuals. Call it trivial if you want, but the fact is a bunch of 'too trivial to argue' issues add up to freedom or lack of it. And when someone downplays what you care about, they are oppressing you.

Barefoot on the Earth 24.Mar.2012 14:22

Joe Anybody (reposting) iam@joeanybody.com

 link to news.yourolivebranch.org [full original article]

By Dr. Mercola

Do you notice you feel better when you walk barefoot on the Earth?

Recent research has explained why this happens. Your immune system functions optimally when your body has an adequate supply of electrons, which are easily and naturally obtained by barefoot contact with the Earth. Research indicates that electrons from the Earth have antioxidant effects that can protect your body from inflammation and its many well-documented health consequences.

For most of our evolutionary history, humans have had continuous contact with the Earth. It is only recently that substances such as asphalt, wood, rugs, and plastics have separated us from this contact.

It is known that the Earth maintains a negative electrical potential on its surface. When you are in direct contact with the ground (walking, sitting, or laying down on the earth's surface) the earth's electrons are conducted to your body, bringing it to the same electrical potential as the earth. Living in direct contact with the earth grounds your body, inducing favorable physiological and electrophysiological changes that promote optimum health.

There is an emerging science documenting how conductive contact with the Earth, which has is also known as Earthing or grounding, is highly beneficial to your health and completely safe. Earthing appears to minimize the consequences of exposure to potentially disruptive fields like "electromagnetic pollution" or "dirty electricity."

Some of the recent evidence supporting this approach involves multiple studies documenting Earthing's improvement in blood viscosity, heart rate variability, inflammation, cortisol dynamics, sleep, autonomic nervous system (ANS) balance, and reduced effects of stress.

READ FULL ARTICLE:  link to news.yourolivebranch.org