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no mas coches.
THE CAR is a machine that has corrupted our animality. You of course are repulsed immediately by such a claim, as well as this leaflet as a whole as it is entitled "ANTI-CAR", which is antithetical to your very existence as a human being. For the car is a fundamental, indispensable part of your existence, just as food is, for it, simply put, "gets your around". But you can't live on eating cars, as you can eating broccoli. I plead you to take into consideration this simple fact, that one can live without a car, while you can't live without broccoli. What's that? You think I am making things weird? "Why broccoli?" The point is not that broccoli sustains you, but that the car doesn't sustain you, and that in fact it works directly against your sustainability. As I said, the car has corrupted our animality. The quacks of this age all agree, that the human is the transcendent animal, the animal which is no longer an animal, a super-animal, an animal without beastliness. But as quacks they are no more than quacks, but they are simply wrong. In fact, the car corrupts our animality by making us too much of an animal. Yet it also makes us too human. So clearly, the logic to be derived from such paradox, is that becoming too human means becoming a beast. Because humanity as an evolutionary process has originated a new beast: the Machine. This Frankenstein haunts every hollow step the soulless pedestrian is forced to take; soulless, because without a car. The car is the soul mechanized, dead and hollow. Every time you board a car, the soul disintegrates that much more.

my car gets me to work, so I can buy more broccoli 12.Jan.2012 12:58


I tried riding broccoli to work.

I was late.

I can live without broccoli 12.Jan.2012 16:28

Go Caulifliower!

PS... I cant get my kids to and from school without a car.