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Gresham: Bike Swarm: at skate park 11:00am Sunday 1-15

The only problem? No bikes allowed. The city council banned BMX bikes from the park a few months after the opening. - Protest / Bike swarm January 15 @ 11:00 AM
Well, Gresham BMX riders and friends are not too psyched on being kept out of the park—or on city resources going to ticketing riders. Lack of fun places to ride BMX bikes has been kind of a big issue around Portland.

"The police are under a mandate to confiscate all bikes seen in the park," says Kate Baker, who recently started a petition to allow bikes in the park. "Unfortunately Gresham has a small police force and as a tax payer I feel like their resources would be far better spent dealing with actual crimes."

The BMX fans are planning to swarm the park with bikes this Sunday at noon. Will Gresham budge on the no bikes rule?

Update 1/11: Gresham's city spokeswoman says that the police responded to 53 calls for service at the skate park last year and confiscated 10 bikes.

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Steal my Bike 11.Jan.2012 15:24


From reading this, it sounds like bike thievery is "approved by the city of Gresham" and the police are complicit.