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Video: Rally Supporting Portland City Council Resolution to End Corporate Personhood

On Wednesday, January 4th,2012, the Portland Alliance for Democracy and Move to Amend Portland chapter and their allies rallied outside City Hall in Portland Oregon to support and strengthen the proposed city resolution supporting a federal constitutional amendment to End Corporate Personhood.
Rally to End Corporate Personhood
David Delk of Alliance for Democracy spoke, introducing the reasons for the gathering and introduced a few other speakers. Following the Rally, everyone moved inside to pack the council chambers as members of Alliance for Democracy and Move To Amend testified before the City Council in favor of a resolution which explicitly supports a constitutional amendment.

The resolution proposed by Mayor Adams offers support for the constitutional amendments supported by Sen. Merkley as well as the one proposed by Rep. Kurt Schrader and co-sponsored by all the Oregon Democratic delegation.

On January 12th at 2 PM, the city council has scheduled the official hearing on the resolution and will likely take a vote. So plan on being at this city council meeting, to offer support and/or to testify in favor of an improved resolution and to support allowing us all to vote by referring language to the ballot.

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homepage: homepage: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CphgW59-Sa0