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Freedom for the Police Horses

Retirement Party for the Police Horses
The Horses need a little bit of Justice
The Horses need a little bit of Justice
When I was at the eviction of Occupy in Portland and the police horses were forced into the crowd, the first thought that went through me was the horses were going to hurt someone. The second thought was why the hell are the police using animals to hurt other humans. Now my thoughts are to take the horses away from the cops. Seems like a good project for us to take on. Want to "take a ride on the Justice side?" This is something all of us can give some time to, maybe we can see these beautiful horse retired to a farm, enjoying life. I know we are all busy but I got really pissed at the cops for making these animals move into the crowd and risk being hurt, when all the horses wanted to do is eat some hay. E-mail me and after some ground work, if enough of you feel bad for those horses as I did that night, let's work to "Free the Police Horses."

homepage: homepage: http://individualsforjustice.com

Pigs don't belong on horses 31.Dec.2011 18:46


"Get those animals off those horses!"

Animals are not ours to use and exploit 01.Jan.2012 14:18


I agree with taking horses away from the cops to use as weapons but lets too take the canine units away. Both the horses and the dogs are being subjected and exploited to being part of the use of force against others and they as well may be hurt or killed in the process.

Don't forget the dogs 02.Jan.2012 12:55

Lone Vets lonevet2008@comcast.net

Dogs too--cool
Justice for the dogs too
Justice for the dogs too

Shame 02.Jan.2012 19:23

Not an Ambassador

free the police horses in 2012

Put Police Accountability in the Portland City Charter 10.Jan.2012 15:17

Hard Honesty alexander.villarreal@portlandoregon.gov

Want to change the City Charter so that horses will no longer be used against the people? Participate in the Charter Review. Change Portland's constitution. http://protest.net/pdxindymedia/calendrome.cgi?span=event&ID=1708970&day=9&month=&year=2012&state_values= Attend the Police Accountability Subcommitte or submit email or telephone testimony to the city's Charter Review Commission.

1221 SW 4th Room 230, Portland, OR 97204

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