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When Hoedads walked the earth

Co-Ops and our 'forefurthurs'

Kesey said, "We will always be in the minority."
He also said, "There are more dumb people than smart people."
They can be manipulated by language.
Language that is distorted.
Words are demonized.
In World War Two, Japanese-American citizens were interred in camps.
Jap was a dirty word.
Joe McCarthy made communist a traitorous offense.
Today socialism is the worst brand possible.
The front cover photo and lead story of a recent Oregon Quarterly Magazine
Like they were dinosaurs and now extinct.
It was only forty some years ago.
A tree-planting co-op shared the work and the wealth.
They showed the way.
Co-ops can rule the day.
As the numbers of unemployed grow.
More people are available to form co-ops.
The occupy movement is inching in that direction.
From protest camps to social service centers.
Smart capable cooperative people
Joining forces to provide the essentials
Food clothing shelter warmth showers laundry and counseling.
Solving problems on their own.
Education is the key.
Learning how to solve problems
Then verbalizing the answers.
The action is what follows.
There is a force opposed to this.
Opposed to people doing it on their own.
Opoosed to those who take back the power from the powerful.
The language manipulators are already at work.
The next word to be demonized is co-ops.
We're on to them.

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