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They Don't Get It

What causes politicans to be so clueless.
In this country, Occupiers have been criticized by politicians & media: "where are their leaders, what are their goals." Politicians & media do not get it. They cannot even read the signs that Occupiers are holding. It was therefore interesting yesterday that Russia's vile vlad putin said of recent protesters in Moscow, "it is not clear who their leaders are & what their goals are." Of course, the moronic segment of the public accepts that if the "Leader" says that protesters have no goals, it must be so. Politicians & media are the same everywhere, whether in DC or Moscow or Beijing or Tel Aviv or Brussels. They don't get it. Are they too stupid? Are they too isolated? Are they too blinded & deafened by their own egos? Are they sociopathic?

Law of Inertia 28.Dec.2011 17:01


When a system is at rest it tends to remain at rest.
When a system is in motion it tends to remain in motion.

Any change requires force.

Every action has an equal and opposite reaction.

Occupation of the media would be good for the GA to consider

Know what? 29.Dec.2011 10:33


What in hell do you expect?

And I've one question: What does one realisticly expect from the Occupy movement?

I've a personal answer; we all do. But where is there more than a general idea that is held by the slightest majority that actually says something more than what is apparent that exists beyond some manifesto and the (mostly agreed upon within the movement) chaotic (personally, I find society's energy in the best times chaotic, and like it that way) energy that the movement created. (I'll characterize it as the societal imbalance, just to give it something that maybe all can agree upon in this discussion.) You're asking Putin to 'get it' when he's already got it (power and its comfort)? That's absurd.

Please don't take that as a personal attack. I don't know you and try not to judge you personally. I've noticed your previous comments, anti-war, anti-imperialist, one that I particularly remember concerning credit unions, and I see energy in your words. But have you really asked some hard questions of the movement other than live in its expectation? Simply ask three people of different social backgrounds here what they would even agree is social justice, and you'll get three different answers.

Have we convinced even 25% of the populace to do something as simple as to move their money to local institutions? Hardly. We can't even convince many to deny the banks the direct deposits from our paychecks, something that's simple, would hurt the banks greatly (as they wouldn't have reliable money to fill the crooked books). We still use their networks to communicate, with each connection one is pouring money into the same power that one might oppose and voilate any idea of 'privacy'. How many will still shop at WalMart? How many gulp down their happy meals from some their favorite corporate cook with their factory food, GM modified and with its minimum daily requirement of poisons and antibiotics? The list goes on...

Does Putin have a point that might be taken? Beyond who the leaders are (I hope that's inconsequential in the Occupy movement, as we've had enough of 'heroes' like that.) it's been discussed almost from the beginning among Occupy people themselves that the focus is fuzzy.

Putin is being realistic from his point of view. As much as I enjoyed the social show, was impressed that we actually got off our ass and did something other than look into some electronic screen for our news and our future, we haven't had enough imagination to do what is necessary: deny power its power.

Personally, I feel that what needs to be done can be done from one's arm chair and with our money, however little that might seem to a single individual. The power is in solidarity, and making that solidarity something more than a mob. Right now, with the situation as it is, it's a mob, and the comfortable don't like mobs. The power that we might oppose has done a good job at making those who actually vote, and those who will pander to the offered system, comfortable. How many have we convinced to move their money out of pension plans and schemes; convinced those who can afford or are offered health care to change a system and make it more equitable; can even convince those comfortable that there may be a better life for all in an equitable society?

If one can't admit that, find something other than what appears to the comfortable as nothing but bitching, what those powers are counting on (the 'easy' way out, short attention span, and frustration) will happen. The energy will just become woven into the fabric with an itching that, to stay warm and comfortable, will just have to be tolerated. And, now, if not the police, the military can handle and scratch when its needed in the streets. Putin and the old Soviet republics and satellites are very familiar with that, aren't they?

I'm no fan of Putin and what he represents, but if there is anyone in power who is more vocal about the harm that can come from the imperialist leanings of the US and Europe, he's it despite his motives. What's heard from China, other than economic grumbling, while the general population there leads a life that we in America should look to as example of what we will become, but without another US to consume our strangled, envoronmentally compromised production? It's a vision that I feel is hardly pretty.

Time seems to be running out, and is that what moves your frustration? Others stand with you; you're not alone, there just isn't enough just yet. Though I would really hate to see circumstances deteriorate so badly that the general population will finally get it, it's beginning to appear that it's become a race to see which happens first: those circumstances or the power to crush opposition under any circumstances.

millionaire's club 29.Dec.2011 12:06


Congress is the millionaire's club. How disgusting. It's not just Russia it's us.

??? 29.Dec.2011 17:56

Den Mark

I'm not sure if two of these comments are directed toward me, but my original post had little to do with Occupy itself, but rather how Big Shots have reacted to Occupy. My comments are about Big Shots, or i should say "Big Shits". World leaders are stupid &/or insane. Occupiers know far far far better what's what than all world leaders put together in a lump, which is where they should be put.