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9.11 investigation | technology

Physics professor from BYU interviewed about building collapse on 9-11

Prof. Steven Jones talks about his research, which proves we haven't been told the truth about the 9-11 attacks.

Prof. Steven Jones Is Despised Among The People Advocating 9/11 Truth 28.Dec.2011 18:12


This is all very technical and political. Jones' "super-thermite" theory is not all that hot. He has repeatedly refused to allow his dust samples to be analyzed for the real high-energy explosives that would have been necessary to turn whole giant buildings into dust.

He is regarded as a dis-info agent by many architects and structural engineers. Somehow, there were high explosives used. NOT small amounts of nano-thermite, or aircraft aluminum.

It took vastly too much energy to turn that amount of steel and concrete into dust.

We do not need yet another fake "study." All we need is for the people to accept that THEY did it!

Judy Wood is out on a limb with her ray-gun theory 12.Mar.2013 09:51

Demolition Expert

@ blues: In 2009 a Danish scientist confirmed Steve Jones' finding of nano-thermite in the WTC dust. Link:

The videos show plenty of evidence that the Twin Towers were destroyed with high explosives, and, contrary to the speculations of the Judy Wood crowd, the high explosives used in conventional controlled demolitions do produce pyroclastic clouds. The blast wave from the explosives strips the concrete from the steel, and pulverizes it or dustifies it, producing a pyroclastic cloud. Controlled demolitions using conventional explosives almost always produce a pyroclastic cloud.

Go to the Controlled Demolition of Maryland's website and watch their promotional videos. Watch controlled demolition videos on Youtube. You'll see that the bigger the structure, the bigger the pyroclastic cloud. And the Twin Towers were the biggest controlled demolition in history.

Most likely, the Twin Towers were destroyed by Controlled Demolition of Maryland Inc., which is the only outfit in the world with the expertise to take down the Twin Towers as we saw in the videos.

The Judy Wood particle beam theory lacks evidence, and the evidence points to a controlled demolition using conventional explosives.