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Occupy The Maricopa County, AZ Tent City Prison!

Residents in Maricopa County know that when you get sentenced to jail time for a drunk driving conviction you're going to get the atypical experience of the Sheriff Joe DUI jail treatment. The same goes for celebrities who may be unfortunate to get caught for a DUI within the county's lines, and former Coyotes goalie Nikolai Khabibulin was no exception.

The current Houston Oilers netminder served part of his DUI sentence in the infamous Arizona tent city, reports the Edmonton Journal. It was an experience he won't likely forget anytime soon.
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KhabiBulin was sentenced to 15 days in Maricopa County jail after he was convicted of driving 25 miles over the speed limit with a 0.164 blood-alcohol level, twice Arizona's legal limit.

Although he was lucky to get the minimum sentence in a state notorious for its tough DUI laws, he wasn't lucky enough to escape an Arizona tent city, a prison yard filled with hundreds of Korean military tents that are home to 1,600 inmates.

Under Sheriff Joe's reign, Khabibulin lived in a hot canvas tent in 108 degree weather during the first 48 hours of his sentence. He ended up losing seven pounds during the ordeal, according to the Journal. Inmates are also forced to wear pink boxers and pink bracelets.

"I'm not going to lie ... it wasn't much fun and I learned my lesson," Khabibulin told the Journal. "It was pretty hot there and you have boundaries and you have to do certain things. It's not what people are used to."

Khabibulin is not the only celebrity who has had to get used to Sheriff Joe's unusual DUI punishments - Charles Barkley, Mike Tyson and rapper DMX have all served time in the Arizona tent city.

But did Nikolai Khabibulin resent the treatment he received under the watchful eye of Maricopa's sheriff? Not at all.

"He's a unique character," Khabibulin said. "Whatever he's doing, he believes in it."

What if future occupy movements use sheetrock with metal-barred windows? Realism for the masses!