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A must read on Libya

The top ten myths in the war against Libya
If there's only one more thing you read about the uprising in Libya, the subsequent civil war and NATO airstrikes, the foreign troops on the ground and Qaddafi's eventual downfall, it should be this Counterpunch article by Maximilian Forte:

When wikileaks began publishing the Iraq War documents, Julian Assange said that they showed Iraq was "a bloodbath on every front." In a similar vein, this article shows that on almost every front, the war against Libya was misguided, skewed, propagandized and based on lies.

Of course, the Libyan uprising began as genuine protests which were warranted. Whether continued non-violent protests would have led to reforms or to Qaddafi stepping down is hard to know. But isn't it strange that the Western intervention (which also included Qatar) came about because Qaddafi and his son threatened to do what Syria has been doing for months now. i.e. violently repress protests.

One of the interesting discoveries: al-Jazeera was as guilty as the Western media in playing the role of mouthpiece for the Libyan rebels. Meanwhile, the New York Times was an exception among Western media, actually providing reports that were critical of the rebels.

This was covered Friday on KBOO / Flashpoints 15.Jan.2012 09:41

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