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We are the 99% who toil and are taxed by an obsolete system....like
other over-thrown plutocracies, the standard of living falls as through
newly established agencies the wealth, through services made available,
are re-distributed.....and there should be such tight control of banking
systems to reign in their excesses and re-align them to assist the 99%
(not soup kitchens and grannies old petticoats-but educational loans,
lower or refinanced mortgage rates, go green, rebuild the infra structure, etc).
.....It's Cro-Magnon time, yippie yippie...cave drawings, clubs and exotic skins..
In Havana it's Fidele Adestes time....E Pluresy Udumbfuk., and All for One
and None for You....charity begins at home so send me some moola or da
guyz will be a knockin @ ur bak dore.....
-- Dick MacGoo
Americans in the emerging fourth world nation don't mess with stocks
any more, they pull out before ejaculation when everything goes
blooey, back off the old model, gears are stripped, motor is
knocking, exhaust is spewing toxic smoke, time to form co-ops,
share housing, gardens, transportation, get a doctor and dentist in
the group, connect with other groups over the internet, sharing of
secrets of how to live happily and healthily in low income mode,
taking care of things is the goal not participating in the
destruction of things.

The Whole Earth Catalog was a phenom at the time because it provided
a forum for people who were going out into the country on their own
wanting to build their own places, form their communal groups, grow
their own food, live the real American dream which is to be free of
credit debt and government intrusion, and still pay their taxes and
support schools and roads with the freedom of movement to travel and
go everywhere.

Today we need a new forum like that. It can exist on the internet. A
website called The Whole Earth Forum. Where people contribute their
knowledge, like how to get out of a mortgage, how to live without
credit cards, how to form commuinites of like minded people, in short
how to turn America into a country which I call an emerging fourth
world nation, one in which growth and expansion and big house big car
big ego big boss are shelved in favor of smaller materialistic goals
and greater family and community goals leading to less stressful
lives richer in happiness and spiritual fulfillment.

A resource, almost a university of the web, anyone can access it,
(long as they can get online, but anywhere there is a library that is
possible these days) find out answers to their problems.

We now have the domain name: wholeearthforum.com. Now we need
a website and someone to run it and the ability for people to post solutions
to specific problems, no rants on the situation, this is like a university
of the web, people in the know tell what they know, people who want to
know go to the website for the answers.


The Wall Street Demonstration has the backing of many employed

workers as the mortgage scandal that Wall Street allowed with the compliance of

the SEC has many workers so in a bind that they may lose anything bought on

credit....the predominately college/young folks at the sit-in is how the

economic disenfranchised express themselves as no one has been terribly

denied of any freedoms like those rebellions in the middle east and

Africa.....they may seem unorganized and no definite goal but someone will soon

supply one....and the democrats should be in that crowd encouraging the

demonstration while offering valid suggestions.

....if the financiers don't fear the crowd. Madame LaFarge may be knitting

a new scarf as the heads begin to roll, the golden parachutes collapse and

the humongous bonuses returned to the government who bailed out many of the

finance corporate heads the money (and the majority of them rewarded

themselves for creating the worlds most destructive monetary collapse) to

stabilize their houses....still unregulated in many ways, the corporate greed

continues....taxing the millionaires , many of them paying a very minimum of

taxes, is fair or their paper empires will collapse into dust when this

velvet revolution manifests its self with the struggling middle class..

regardless if these business men contend that they are creating jobs. but

don't seem to understand that the employment scale is totally out of balance

...those benefiting from their largess are in the rarefied air of greed

wile the other scale can't even get airborne...that is not deniable but

their greed exhibits itself even in that belief......MacQ

A whole new class of Americans are being forced into an existence
they didn't know was coming up and never imagined themselves caught
up in it; but fortunately there are lots of Americans who are in that
same postion but voluntarily: that is, they chose this way of life:
they learned how to band together with others of like situations and
figured out how to live cheaply, imaginatively and happily while
paring down to the bare bones.

One of the first things is no debt. Once the credit card is maxed
out, walk away from it, let them know you will never be able to pay
it, have the credit card people write it off, they will howl and
scream and threaten and say you will have no credit rating ever again
but that is okay, you don't need it, for you are going off the credit

Same with the house and the house payments that can't be met. Walk
away from it in the same way.

Now one must find housing and an occupation of some kind. Back in the
day it was communes and they are sprouting up again. In an urban
situation it would probably be an apartment building of some kind. I
remember when settlers would take over abandoned condemned buildings,
hijack electricity off the pole, turn the water on and bypass the

Tribes form, people who trust one another, cover for one another,
help out with money and food and shelter. Share kitchens and
bathrooms and showers and washers and dryers. Know doctors and
dentists that will donate their time and expertise. There are already
mobile clinics and dental labs that park on street corners.

Not to say this all applies to you and your situation, but is a
general ramble on the way adversity can be handled.

As far as work goes, in the type of community I'm talking about there
can be co-op ventures of cleaning gangs, car repair people, food
growers, musicians and performers, all working to bring in some cash
into the group. No end of possibilities, but important thing is,
people are working.

The Whole Earth Forum is an internet university where you can take
free courses in how to do all these things. What is needed is someone
to start up and run the website. The domain name already exists:
wholeearthforum.com. It is available for use by whoever wants to run
with this thing.

Ray Manzarek & Roy Rogers album on called Translucent Blues,
& in a tune called New Dodge City Blues a verse that goes:

All the drugs, guns, money and the mayhem
These politicians play for the press
It's just more fucking fuel for the media burn
Time to take another acid test

homepage: homepage: http://www.skypilotclub.com

I guess? 26.Dec.2011 16:54


Didn't bother to read this whole thing, but I think it supports a hypothesis I've long held, that the State is preparing to violently restrain us, the general population, to our slums and ghetto's. They have no other answer than to repress us, to subdue us with whatever amount of force that is necessary. The longer we hold to privileged notions of non-violence, the longer we will remain in our chains.

. 27.Dec.2011 02:31


How about non-priviledged notions of non-violence? Or are you really just anxious to go kill some people?

There will be blood... 27.Dec.2011 08:23


Non-violence as an ideology is inherently privileged. It makes sense as a tactic at certain times, but dogmatic pacifism sides with the oppressor by demanding that the oppressed never defend themselves.

. 30.Dec.2011 20:04


So says you. Lots of people in the world who are as poor as poor can be have been non-violent. Just because you see the privilege in many people here who have that idea does not then mean you are correct in making such a universal declaration. One might even suggest that such universal declarations tend to be born of privilege themselves.