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Take Action to Save Coos Bay from LNG

Please help save Coos Bay from the intrusive LNG terminal by calling or writing OR Gov. and tell him to deny DSL permit #37712 for the Port's marine terminal slip dock for Jordan Cove's LNG tankers. Thanks for saving the bay!

If you have not already done so, PLEASE CALL OR WRITE Governor Kitzhaber's office
NOW and tell him to deny the Department of State Lands removal-fill permit #37712
for the Port of Coos Bay's LNG marine terminal slip for Jordan Cove. There are
plenty of good reasons you can give that are listed further below...

The State of Oregon is expected to decide whether or not to allow the project to
move forward - and a decision could come as soon as tomorrow.

Call Governor Kitzhaber: (503) 378-4582
or write him a note at:

(1,000 character limit)

or at:

(1,000 character limit)

NOTE: The South Coast Development Council (SCDC) recently sent out a newsletter
asking people to support the project without really telling them the truth about
what the project was about. This is how they spend your tax dollars... They also
insinuate in their newsletter that ONLY the Sierra club is against this. [ I've
attached the first page of their recent newsletter and am happy to send the entire
newsletter upon request (It is 1.5 MB) ]

of reasons to give him further below )



The World has yet another poll about LNG....
They are getting desperate to show that the Jordan Cove facility is actually liked
by a few people.
 http://theworldlink.com/ [ Down and to the right of web page ]

Poll - With strong global demand for natural gas, should Oregon seize the
opportunity to profit from liquefied natural gas exports?
Yes. The Jordan Cove project would be great for the Bay Area's economy.
Maybe, if all the environmental and safety issues are addressed.
No. The environmental and safety hazards are unacceptable.
Not if it means condemning private property for the pipeline.
Total Votes: 1353

Thanks Bethany for the following news story....
Statesman Journal on DSL's forthcoming decision, JCove
December 16, 2011
 link to www.statesmanjournal.com

OR agency to weigh in on Coos Bay LNG port

SALEM - The Oregon Department of State Lands will decide next week whether to allow
the Port of Coos Bay to dredge a shipping channel and excavate berthing space for a
new marine terminal on the North Spit, which could be used by ships exporting
liquefied natural gas.

Department Director Louise Solliday said Friday that the decision will hinge solely
on whether the dredging and excavation proposed by the port comply with state rules
and regulations. She said objections raised over whether exporting LNG is good for
Oregon do not apply.

Solliday added that given the controversy over the proposal to build the Jordan Cove
LNG terminal on a neighboring site, and a pipeline across southwestern Oregon to
bring in natural gas for export, she expects the department's decision to be

The state of Oregon and conservation groups both oppose the project, saying it will
raise prices for consumers by reducing supplies. The Oregon Attorney General's
Office has asked federal regulators to revoke a permit granted the LNG project,
saying plans to switch from import to export would contribute to higher prices for
natural gas.

The Port of Coos Bay has promoted the terminal as a source of jobs and economic
development for a region still struggling to overcome downturns in the timber

While one berth of the marine terminal would be for LNG ships, the other would be
for other potential bulk carriers, said port spokeswoman Elise Hamner. The port has
had several inquiries from companies interested in exporting coal and other bulk
cargos from Coos Bay.

Solliday said the deadline for the permit decision is Wednesday. It is one of many
permits the terminal must secure from state and federal agencies before it can go


Reasons Governor Kitzhaber should deny DSL permit #37712 for the Port's marine
terminal slip dock for Jordan Cove's LNG tankers

Exporting domestic gas supplies from Oregon will undermine US energy independence,
increase energy costs for families and businesses, harm landowners, fish, wildlife,
old growth forests and rivers along pipeline routes. Our fishing, oyster
harvesting, clamming, crabbing, tourism, recreation and timber industries will all
be negatively impacted by this proposal.

It is incomprehensible that, on one hand, the Department of State Lands is
processing a permit application for a key element of the Jordan Cove LNG project,
while at the same time, the Attorney General of the State of Oregon is challenging
the adequacy of the EIS that supports the proposed issuance of a valid permit.

The Department of State Lands needs to postpone ANY ACTION on this application
pending final disposition of the State of Oregon's appeal and litigation.

The Port's LNG Marine Terminal Slip application #37712 should be denied because:.
* The application does not contain a properly completed Environmental Impact
Statement (EIS). The existing EIS is grossly deficient, as clearly documented in the
State of Oregon's appeal.
* The proposed Mitigation Plan(s) and Biological Assessments are inadequate. The
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service recently refused to issue a required biological
assessment because of a failure by Jordan Cove proponents to furnish required data
and information and analytical procedures.
* The Deepening and Widening of the Coos Bay Channel and Turning Basin are not being
included or analyzed in the Port's application. LNG vessels have a 40 foot draft
and cannot jump over the North Spit and land magically in the proposed marine slip
dock. The Coos Bay Channel is dredged to only a 37 foot depth.
* The Port does not own the land for the proposed marine terminal slip dock.

* The Weyerhaeuser Land Option for the property is contingent on the Jordan Cove LNG
project moving forward but the cumulative impacts of the proposed Jordan Cove /
Pacific Connector project are not being considered or analyzed.

* The Port has not proven a justifiable need for this Marine Terminal Slip
configuration and design. The Port's permit seeks to dredge over 5.6 million cubic
yards for this Marine Slip that would be used for LNG exports.

* The Marine Terminal Slip is in violation of gas industry safety guidelines. The
Society of International Gas Tanker and Terminal Operators (SIGTTO) guidelines for
safety have not been adhered to. This puts thousands of people in the Coos Bay area
at risk.

* There has been no public hearing as promised by the October 12, 2010 State Land
Board "Public Participation Resolution"
* The project is in violation of the Public Trust Doctrine - The Port has not
adequately justified the impact of the entire project on commerce, commercial
fishing within the bay, and recreation.
* The Port's current application is outdated and inaccurate. The Port's application
discusses Jordan Cove LNG as an import terminal. Jordan Cove recently admitted their
intention to export U.S. natural gas from Coos Bay and they just received a
certificate from the U.S. Department of Energy to export LNG. DSL should not give
approval based on the Port's outdated application. The Port should re-submit a new
application with this significant new information.


more info on no lng coos bay;