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Richard's arrest

Please tell me specifics
Please tell me specifics as to Richard's arrest (formerly from PPRC). What happened? Was he treated ok by cops? Was spitting his main offense?

more info 19.Dec.2011 12:08

more info

This link will not last long but it's up right now and shows that Richard was charged with Harassment, Interfering with a Peace Officer and Resisting Arrest. He was released sometime later on Sunday.


KOIN-6 was the only television station to get video of the arrest and it appeared to me that there may be some question as to whether Richard actually spit on the security guard. It's obvious he made a spitting gesture, but did anything actually come out of his mouth?

tip of the tounge 21.Dec.2011 14:03


richard says he "may of "sprayed" [when he was speaking /yelling,] when he was confronted by the security guard who (BTW) seemed fixated on "him"

but he didnt "spit" or hawk a loogie at the wannabe cop (who informed the police later) who had richard arrested [after the fact]