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Update on Article: Microwave Weapons

Status Being Changed to "Lethal Intent"

Original Article Here:
I don't have much time but I would like to Report the following in
regard to the microwave weapon that made me Sick and continues to do so.

I cannot tell if is Ground (Residential) Based or Aerial ("Predator" Aircaft or Satellite?) in Nature, but I can describe
some of its operational characteristics.

The "Beam" for lack of a Better Word, is About 3' to 5' ft. in diameter. It moves at a Rate of about 1/2 ft. Per Second when Changing

The Power Level used has to be in the upper extreme, because unlike in the description in the FOIA Document on Non-Leathal Microwave Weapons, or Infra-Red? ...It only takes 10 seconds to Heat the Body to excursiating Abdominal Pain, instead of the described 10-15 minutes in the FIOA Army Document.

This lead me to venture toward an Aerial Platform Such as a "Predator Drone" due to the long time it is able to cover a target. And the Power Level also seems to indicate the type of delivery System that would only be available to the Department of Defense or Armed Forces.

I did not know for sure if it was a wide coverage device when I sat and wythed in Pain on the Toilet yesterday. I have since discoverd I could moved outside of the "Beam" Path, and recover quite rapidly.

"They" have been chasing me around all night with it, As I felt the Pain return, I would go lay some where else on the floor. Finding the "Target" Person seems to require some on the Ground Assistance, as my
room mate, who is the Home Owner, Larry Sweet, has gotten up several times during the night and either motioned his flashlight in my direction, or came near me and said seemingly innocuous things like, "You can put it Right Here" as he touched my ear. Within 30 Seconds of Larry signaling a Position Change the Sickness returned with vigor.

3:59am - I pulling away now as the Beam is over athe Computer Area. I suspect they have the House mapped out a bit by now, as I often got Sickest when I sat down to the Computer to write to you.

It seems to have passed this location so I will continue.

The ability to find the "Target" Person within the Dwelling seems to be the downfall of the System if you are aware of its Nature. The Longest period of time I was allowed to sleep before the "Beam" disrupted me, was 25 Minutes.

That is when I had moved to the Kitchen Floor where I don't think they would assume One would Sleep. In all locations I have tried to Sleep, various Positions on the Floor, in the Hallway, Living Room, Kitchen, etc, They have found me in between 10-20 Minutes. But when Assisted by Larry, it was Always with 30 Seconds that the Pain and Exposure would return.

"Larry is on the "Ears" ...Meaning he is capable of Two-way Communications 24 hours a day. All this discovered as I have been at this residence for about 2 Years.

He appears to Two_Talk a lot, as in Someone Else speaking thru his Person the whole tome. It just takes time to realize these things. I knew he was on the ears, and would relay what he heard, but I didn't know that someone could induce You to speak through Your Person until the Events described in the above article, of, on , or about the latter half of October, 2011.

I have that Portion of Their Capabilty pretty much squashed, It takes some effort, but I don't find myself Singing Their Songs as much, bu They do still have the Capabilty to induce Hand Gestures and Counting with the Fingers Etc. The use of Gesturing also seemed to coincide with the Immediate Return of the "Beam".

The Only Other Thing that leads me to Believe that it is "Predator Aircraft" is that they had a habit of Playing a Song that I liked on the Internet Call "Desert Hallucinations" of of Youtube. These People Alway have an arrogance that gives them away in having to share their World in some way. The Other song they used to Pipe in my ear a lot was, "500 Miles Away from Home" which would place them possibly in Las Vegas, About 500 Miles from Sacramento, California.

I Also found out why my Sister, in 2008, kept being irratable and moving all about the house when she tried to Sleep, eventually choosing to Live outside of the Residence at Santa Paula Ct. She was just Trying to Find Peace.

That's All for Now, Take Care,

Love Tracy

Attack Graphic 19.Dec.2011 13:36

Tracy Mapes

...Dear Jody,

There will be a Day you run out of options. Mine happened some time ago.

Take Care.

Update: 20.Dec.2011 11:12

Tracy Mapes

After posting my information to various Government Websites, the attack has diminished greatly. Only having to change sleeping positions 3-4 over night with a greatly reduced level of effect upon my person.

I created this graphic this morning so you can just be aware of the Sensation should you ever encounter such phenomenon. Theory of why the Abdominal Cavity is so effected.

Take Care,

Tracy Mapes

You might be interested in this article, Tracy 28.Dec.2011 10:23

Jody Paulson