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reversing the methane gun

Methane released by global warming is erupting. Can anything be done?
Scientists studying sudden climate change have pointed to the possibility of a sudden release of methane from clathrate deposits, flooding the atmosphere and accelerating climate change while displacing oxygen. This is now a reality:

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Here's what I wrote to NASA:

Dr. James Hansen, NASA

Dear Mr. Hansen:

You are of course aware of the recent news of methane fountains of gigantic size appearing in the Arctic, and I don't need to tell you that this is quite possibly the first appearance of the trigger for the "methane gun" or "clathrate gun" catastrophe. I am not a scientist but a long-time news observer, broadcasting since 1987 on community radio stations such as KBOO, where I have a weekly program called PressWatch.

I took notice years ago, when the news came out that weather temperature measurements following the airline shutdown after September 11th, 2001, revealing the substantial effect that absence of aircraft contrails have on the climate. Measurements from those few days show that temperatures in the continental United States rose substantially (several tenths of a degree, consistently) during the day, and similarly dropped at night, compared to temperatures with jet contrails present. The contrails block sunlight during the day, and hold warmth in at night, to a surprising extent.
This suggests an immediate technique for addressing runaway climate change.

Night jet flights should be banned across the globe. Thus, sunlight will be blocked by the contrails, and heat may escape into Space at night.

This is a weather-modification regime that is scalable and reversible, and requires no further apparatus. Do you think it's worth research?


Theresa Mitchell
Hansen has spent a lifetime researching climate change, and he says he's into satellite measurements to puzzle it all out. So if there's any merit to the suggestion, he's the one to contact.

And I know it's hokey and eccentric of me to contact a Big Brain like that, who has probably already considered the idea and rejected it, but it makes me feel like I'm doing something. There is something else to do on a personal scale: visit a mountain over seven thousand feet, to trigger red-blood-cell compensation, so that should the Gun fire next Summer or some time soon, the oxygen displacement won't be so hard on the system. Here in Portland, that would be Timberline Lodge.

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