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the master race's ultramodern schemes

this is the introduction to a writing project i've been working on for quite a while. more to come... .
We live in mythological times. The fate of the human race and our place on the planet earth depend on the actions we take during the first half of this century. If we continue to follow orders and do what the Master Race demands of us, we will go extinct. But we trudge along anyways - too stupefied by TV, the internet, religion, the crap crammed into our minds during our incarceration in schools - too demoralized and deadened by our bullshit jobs to imagine that anything could be different. So, we stumble onwards, towards extinction. What the fuck is wrong with us?

While preparations were underway for two military invasions and perpetual warfare in Central Asia, the White House's thug-in-chief, Dick Cheney, demanded that no one had the right to tell Americans there was anything wrong with "the way we live." And millions of Americans lined up behind him. Americans were willing to send soldiers to their deaths for no reason anyone could explain, after being traumatized by the September 11, World Trade Center incident. The rationalization that eventually stuck was that we were fighting "them" over there, so we wouldn't have to fight "them "here. Thus, the first major wars fought in the 21st century re-introduced human sacrifice to western civilization. Only now we sacrifice lives to corporate profits, while these same corporations are actively destroying our planet. This isn't just wrong, it's insane.

In the hysteria of the post-9/11 era, in order to protect "the way we live," interference with corporate activity has become legally defined as terrorism. So, our soldiers are sent off to die in meaningless, horribly bloody conflicts in order to generate profits for military contractors and oil companies. And if we complain, the highly militarized police forces are called out to crush our acts of resistance - no matter how lame.

This is Ultramodernism - the vision of the future as projected in pre-1970's art and literature, the era when the architects of today's political machinations grew up. This is the vision of the world the Master Race is forcing on us through highly militarized police and a court system more concerned with stock values than human needs. Their plans for our future seems to resemble an amalgamation of Soylent Green and Nazi Germany.

In order to force this vision of a never-ending, never-changing world of shopping malls and servile employment upon us, the corporate elite, their banking overlords and their governmental guard-dogs must explain away things like the worst oil spill in u.s. history, or the imposition of corporate edicts above local laws and regulations, or the criminalization of dissent. We cannot strive for a more meaningful existence than the one they have prepared for us. It won't be tolerated. We must live the way they want us to believe people have always lived, and will always live. Onward, to extinction!

Meanwhile, campaigns of genocide are being waged across the world in order to secure natural resources needed to provide the consumer goodies necessary to keep people distracted enough not to care what is happening all around them. We are like pack animals, blinded and tethered, being led along the path to our demise as a species.

This cannot continue. We must resist. We are in a struggle for our lives, and all the wealth, all the might, all the media, all the religions of the world stand against us. There is nothing we can do that the Master Race cannot subvert. Their media will lie about our actions and motives. Their governments will punish us. Their corporations will refuse to give us work, while their banks demand money from the taxpayers - funds which could have been more wisely used to stimulate economic growth and care for the citizens' real needs.

Perhaps the only solution to this dilemna is for us to completely reject everything the Master Race has to offer. That would include a future with money. It's their greatest tool of control, and one that is absolutely unnecessary for life. We only need it if we wish to find our place in their wretched vision of the world. Are minimum-wage jobs and lonely despair worth the sacrifice of our lives? Do high-wage jobs and comfortable lifestyles make the annihilation of our species acceptable? Is the human race, and perhaps all life as we know it, going to disappear from this world in order to preserve the power and wealth of resource extraction corporations?

Let us not give in to despair, nor continue to sleepwalk to our doom. Let us not continue to fuel our own destruction. Let us instead reject the Master Race's vision of what our lives are and can be, and instead create our own visions of the world we know we can achieve, if only there were not so many institutions preventing us from doing so.

Let us prepare ourselves to turn our backs on this civilization of mass destruction and make something magical, something incredibly beautiful and nurturing. If we don't, the human race will be gone, and we'll have lost everything. The next couple of decades will determine our collective fate, for all time.