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Video: Boehner presented with golden calf

Occupy demonstrators carried a golden calf to the US capitol. Social justice and self-criticism are our life-blood. Justice is mocked when the interests of short-term profit, banks and speculation are enforced against the survival of humans and nature.
Occupy-Demonstrators carry Golden Calf to the US Capitol

By marktorakel.com

[This press release published Friday, December 15, 2011 is translated from the German on the Internet.]

Around 30 demonstrators of the anti-capitalist Occupy-movement carried a golden calf out of papier-mâché to the capitol in Washington. The association of US mayors deplored the increasing poverty.

As their spokesperson Jeremy John said, they wanted to demonstrate against the "idolization (worshiping) of money" by politics. "Our action is a prayer that big capital may have no influence any more on politics," John added. Since the Old Testament, the golden calf has been a symbol for the worship of false gods.

The association of US mayors deplored the increase of poverty and homelessness. "In the richest land of the world, there are people with no place to live," said the mayor of Kansas City, Sly James, in presenting the conclusions of a government report. In 2010, 46.2 million US citizens lived in poverty. The share of the poor rose from 14.3 to 15.1 percent compared to 2010.

Video: Boehner presented with golden calf for "not standing with Jesus,' Dec 15, 2011, 3 min

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