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Another Killer cop on the lose?

With the allegations against Sgt Lynn Benton and the Murder for hire, why is he still on the lose?
What we know as a fact, Debbie Lee Higbee Benton was found dead in her shop, brutally murdered! Susan Campbell has admitted to being part of the brutal murder and being paid by Sgt Lynn Benton, Debbie's husband. Yet the Clackamas county DA refuses to issue a warrant for Lynn Benton. Looks like the Good Ol Boy's network is protecting their own again! Debbie was a sweet and kind woman and my wife an I were customers of hers and she deserves justice! There are allegations against Lynn Benton for domestic abuse and yet she continues to get a paycheck from the city of Gladstone. If all the allegations against Benton are true, he is one of the worst cops in Oregon and yet there is no public outrage! It makes me sick.