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OCCVPATRIOT 12/16/2011


Thrown away into dumpsters by riot police.

Like of remains of soldiers killed in Iraq, for the ideas of Amerika's ruling class. It all ends up in a landfill somewhere.

Bring the Troops home, throw the dead ones in the trash. Workers at the Port weaponize a bulldozer, smash the ground with its garbage plow. Threaten the people, disenfranchised. They treat the people like garbage. Whether anyone has a job or not, these actions are happening. These protests will continue. A riot cop pushes me down, I jump up and I push back. Even days later, I fell the sting of his stick, a reminder of the ones he's paid to protect.

I am a worker, reduced to a beggar. Whether anyone wants my help or not. So a Union Worker looses a day of pay. So those out of work lose a day of pay everyday. And the worker becomes one of those bums in the park, that the riot police have to deal with, blue rubber gloves. They throw your tents and blankets, your protests, your ideas into a dumpster. They hire a trucker, to weaponize their trucks and send your remains to a landfill somewhere.

Unity, Solidarity is dead, so society falls apart. General Assembly consensus says, "Sell your comrade out!, Let that soldier, stopping business get run down. Throw her under the wheels of capital." The General Consensus says, "Better her than you. Let her stand up and get run down." Block the tracks, get crushed up, it's all bad press, as society rips itself apart.

Another Union Leader's day of pay. I won't sympathize with any worker that can weaponize a bulldozer. To use a workers equipment, against desperate people, trying anything they can to save the world. I have no sympathy for the General Consensus, to let a person be run down by a workers truck. A worker's locomotive, a workers bulldozer. These actions are not a personal attack. These actions will continue, whether any one person, one Union Leader, or one spokes council likes it or not. Long will live people's struggle. For we are becoming workers reduced to beggars.
Weaponized Bulldozers for the Person of the Year -- the Protestor
Weaponized Bulldozers for the Person of the Year -- the Protestor
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